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Co-op for 2015
New Guidelines and Artwork

New Displays for Aprilaire!

Look at all the new ways you can display your Aprilaire products in your showroom!

Booties from Aprilaire!

• Case of 50 pair
• Dispenser box
• One size fits most
• $20 per box

Order them today by calling 1-800-334-6011. 



Partners in Comfort Co-op Advertising – What is it?

Co-op advertising is a simple, effective way for you to combine your advertising dollars with funds provided by Aprilaire. It's very cost-effective because you pay 40 cents of every dollar invested. Here's how it works:

Available Funds for Advertising

  • As a Partner In Comfort member, the dollars available to you for reimbursement of your paid advertising starts with an allowance of $1,200 per year beginning March 1. (Our “co-op” year runs March 1 – February 28).
  • Funds are available to you for reimbursement after you have done the advertising and submitted proof of the amounts you have paid. The portion of the $1,200 that is available to you is based on reimbursing 60% of the cost you paid to advertise. The amount we reimburse you will then be deducted from the original $1,200 allowance.

Additional Funds Earned from Product Purchases

You can grow your allowance by earning 3% on all Aprilaire product purchases throughout the year (March 1 - Feb 28). For example, if you buy $50,000 in Aprilaire products, we will add $1,500 to your allowance ($50,000 x .03).

Approved Advertising

Professionally developed advertising materials for Aprilaire products are ready to go. You can order them today and start generating leads tomorrow. Use these materials and no pre-approval is necessary. Please read the guidelines for complete details.

Contact your Aprilaire representative or call 1–800–334–6011 to get started.

General Information/Forms

If you're not a Partner In Comfort member, join now.