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Share your success!

Aprilaire´s vision is to be the indoor comfort partner of choice of the HVAC contractor and distributor. When we partner with the best in the business, and share successes, our entire industry grows and prospers.

Please tell us how YOU succeed at being the best in then business as an Aprilaire partner and Indoor Comfort solutions provider!

Robin Johnson, High Road Heating & Cooling Co.

As far as working with Research Products for Humidifier sales it is one of the best decisions we ever made.  We talk to potential customers and gain new customers.  We install humidifiers, Aprilaire being the best but we also get repairs, maintenance and replacement calls based on our commitment to Aprilaire and their promotions.

John Wuich, Wuich Mechanical Services


“On the service side, when the techs go into the house they gets spiffed when they sell any accessories like a humidifier. Obviously the techs are in those houses a heck of a lot more than my sales people.”
Matthew Holtkamp, Holtkamp Heating & Air Conditioning


“Our philosophy is you live what you learn. Training is no good unless you utilize what you learn. When we send the new guy out for training we want everybody else doing what he learned at training.”

Brad Bartholomew, Bartholomew Heating and Cooling


“We have had really good success doing the multiple promoting approach with newspaper, radio, and direct mail. Every month we do one week solid on the radio. I pay for it in advance so I am sure that it will get done. We find that this leads to people calling in all during the month.”
Rick Woods, Woods Mid-Atlantic Services, Inc.

“Indoor air quality is the most profitable aspect of our business. We make nice margins and we don’t have to give it away to stay in business,” said Woods who also admitted that he sometimes goes up against other companies selling a filtration job for $800 that Mid-Atlantic can sell for $1,600. “It doesn’t make any sense to give something away that customers are willing to invest in.”


Roger Kenyon, Sourthwest A/C & Plumbing

I have been suffering this winter. I have been feeling horrible having swollen eyes and generally feeling miserable. ALL the time. I asked two of my solutions experts to separately research and find the best solution to address my issues. Cost was no issue. They both recommended the Aprilaire 5000 air cleaner. Since having it installed in my home ALL of my misery has disappeared. No more swollen eyes. No more feeling lousy. My wife has even commented how good she feels and how little dust there is in the house. I just wanted to take a moment to let you know how well this product has worked and how happy I am with its performance. Because it has performed so admirably, Southwest A/C will be featuring this product with every A/C system we sell with the hope that every purchaser will enjoy the benefits I have received from this wonderful product!