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Benefits of Aprilaire Air Cleaners

Aprilaire air cleaners offer industry-leading particulate removal – providing homeowners with protection against allergy and asthma triggers, a cleaner, healthier home, and superior protection of HVAC equipment.  Offer the right air cleaner to the right customer while you increase the profitability of your business and the satisfaction of your customers. Learn more about our full line of air purity solutions in our Air Cleaner Product Guide.  For install guides, spec sheets and owner’s manuals, visit the Technical Information page.

Aprilaire Advantage for Homeowners and Contractors 

  • Model 5000 Electronic Air Cleaner MERV 16 Equivalent industry-leading efficiency

  • MERV 13 and MERV 11 Media Air Cleaners

  • Event-Based™ Air Cleaning for custom control 

  • Patented replacement media not sold in big box stores

  • Self-Seal™ media reduces bypass

  • Aprilaire exclusive Clean Coil Guarantee

  • Easily retrofit SpaceGuard, Aprilaire and virtually all major brands of air cleaners with upgrade kits. Offer higher efficiency, easier change-outs and reduced inventory.


Model 5000 - For Asthma, COPD, Severe Breathing Problems

The Model 5000 Electronic Air Cleaner is the ideal choice for people with asthma, COPD and other severe breathing problems or health concerns. It is our most efficient air cleaner – capturing virus-sized particles down to .01 micron. The 5000 comes with the Aprilaire 8476 universal programmable thermostat with Event-Based Air Cleaning ™.

The Model 5000 electronically charges particles and permanently traps them better that any other air cleaner using 72 square feet of media. With Event-Based Air Cleaning™, this air cleaner provides superior protection of HVAC equipment and unmatched improvement of health and comfort for consumers. There is also no cleaning of collection cells; just a yearly change of the filter media. 

2000 Series Air Cleaners - For Healthy Home, Allergies 

Series 2000 air cleaners feature the industry’s best pressure drop with a MERV 13 filter while offering superior particulate removal. Model 2000 air cleaners remove sub-micron particulates, including viruses, bacteria, pollen and pet dander. They are the perfect choice for consumers with allergies and other health concerns. 

1000 Series Air Cleaners- For Clean Home, Clean Equipment

Our 1000 series air cleaners feature MERV 11 media and offer superior equipment protection compared to one inch, two-inch and cartridge filter media. The 1000 series models are also ideal for people who want a cleaner home with less dust.

Model 1610 Air Cleaner 

The 1000 Series features the 1610 Easy Install™. With built-in transition and adjustable return drop size, the 1610 is the quickest, easiest upgrade for any upflow HVAC system. Adapting the unit to left and right side returns, and changing the return drop size is so simple it can be done with just a screwdriver and hand break. Bendable tabs and built-in transitions eliminate the need for field-forming transitions. Install takes around an hour. 

Model 1510 Air Cleaner

The Model 1510 is the ideal choice for large residential applications as it offers the lowest static pressure drop of any MERV 11 or MERV 13 air cleaner in the industry.  The 1510 is ideal for larger, residential uses or any time static pressure is a significant concern and is the best choice for geo thermal applications. A narrow cabinet (less than 7” wide) allows for easier installations and more flexible applications. 

Event-Based™ Air Cleaning

Exclusive to Aprilaire products, Event-Based Air Cleaning™ replaces the standard “Fan-on” button on the thermostat. Give your customers convenient, instant control over indoor air quality with the push of a button.

Integrated into models 8476, 8620, 8910, 8920 and Wi-Fi versions.