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Zoned Comfort Control

The Aprilaire Zoned Comfort System goes well beyond controlling heating and cooling and into the role of orchestrating the entire HVAC system, including all Aprilaire indoor air quality accessories. Through built-in intelligence and data-sharing between products, you can now offer your customers the ultimate in convenience and satisfaction.

Here's how it works:

The intelligent solution consists of an Aprilaire Model 6504 as the nerve center that provides a central wiring hub and information interchange for the system along with a Model 8570 premium thermostat in each zone. Information is then shared between thermostats, the Model 6504 and other Aprilaire accessories to optimize performance and convenience. This means you can turn on/off, adjust or simply view any thermostat from any other thermostat.

Information such as outdoor temperature and indoor relative humidity, supplied by an Aprilaire Automatic Humidifier Control, can be viewed from any thermostat. Air cleaning and ventilation are also controlled by the system to operate in harmony with the heating and cooling equipment. And service reminders help keep all the systems working at peak performance.

Zoned Comfort Control features:

  • Simple troubleshooting - The Model 6504 has a built in test button that automatically operates each output to confirm operation. Output is accompanied by an LED to assure proper system checkout. The panel self-diagnoses installation errors automatically and alerts you, saving time and preventing callbacks.
  • Plenum Temperature Control - Provides high and low temperature protection for the heating and cooling equipment when using a bypass damper for pressure relief.
  • Any zone sets mode - Provides true independent temperature control by zone.
  • Zoned Fan - Independent control of fan operation providing increased ventilation flexibility.
  • Short cycle protection - Built-in time delays protect equipment.
  • Fuse protection - Safeguards the items powered by the transformer.
  • Automatic Mode Changeover - If calls for opposite modes exist for 20 minutes, the control panel will alternate to satisfy each call.
  • Dual Fuel operation - Control of heat pumps with fossil fuel auxiliary heat.
  • Outdoor temperature display - Outdoor temperature is shared by the 6504 to all thermostats while requiring only one sensor to the outside. This can come from an Aprilaire Automatic Humidifier control or the Model 8052 outdoor sensor.

Premium thermostat

The Model 8570 complements Zoned Comfort System perfectly. Visit the Thermostat section to learn more.

Now, combining multiple Aprilaire accessories makes more sense than ever because the zoned comfort system provides more value. The Models 6504 and 8570's combined with an Aprilaire Automatic Humidifier display outdoor temperature, indoor RH and indicates when service is required on all zone thermostats. Combined with a UV Lamp or Air Cleaner, the system again alerts your customers when replacement bulbs or media are required. Ventilation is also controlled. Provide the ultimate in system comfort and convenience with true whole home control.

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