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Raise Revenue by Reducing Basement Humidity

Alert: Portables Recalled

Many brands of dehumidifiers manufactured oversees are affected by a recall.  View all affected dehumidifier models.  If you see one in a customer's home, be sure to point it out! Offer them a better, safer solution.

Aprilaire Model 1830/1850/1850F Dehumidifier

Increased Capacity, World Class Quality, Easy Installation, Quiet Operation, Control Options

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Specification Sheet Model 1830

Specification Sheet Model 1850 Series

Installation Instructions Model 1830/1850

Owner's Manual Model 1830/1850

Owner's Manual Model 1850F

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An installation video for the 1750A Dehumidifier with the 4857 Living Space Duct Kit.

The video shows a step by step installation in an application where the Dehumidifier is located in an unfinished basement and ducted to a finished space.

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Humidity control goes both ways, too much or too little, help control both with Aprilaire products!  Use this video as an in-home selling tool in the coastal regions or this video for the rest of the states.

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Model 1830 Model 1850(W) Model 1850F Model 1770A

Enable your customers to take control of their total comfort, health, and home's sustainability with the all new whole-home humidity control solution from Aprilaire.

Optimal/Most Efficient Solution For Whole-home Humidity Control

“Tight” Home Construction

Homes built with a foam seal, glazing, icynene, and/or other new environmental barriers provide optimum energy efficiency.

In these tighter homes, moisture and VOCs build from washing, cooking, and other activities. There are typically few ways to remove the moisture that is now trapped on the inside.

Air Conditioning Efficiency

Air conditioners are more efficient than ever before, cooling the home quickly with as little power consumption as possible. In tighter homes, air conditioning systems can run on partial load conditions well over 90% of the time, which means less run time, therefore less dehumidification. Overcooling is usually a last resort to get needed dehumidification.

Using variable-speed or advanced air-handling technology to gain additional dehumidification is another option, however, it typically lowers the energy efficiency of the system; a system designed to optimize cooling.

Portable Solution versus Whole-home Solution

Industry leading 5 year bumper-to-bumper warranty

Extreme Durability - 15+ year system life expectancy due to core design improvements as a direct result of continued extensive life-cycle testing, including application of vibrations, frequency harmonics, and forces up to 60g. In addition, Aprilaire dehumidifiers have undergone extensive coastal condition testing on electronics and controls.

Extremely Quiet - averages less than 55 dB; quieter than a person-person conversation

Practical Design

Simply heating and cooling a home is no longer what drives sales in the HVAC contractor’s world. Differentiation is the key to future success. Humidity control is one of the keys to this success as well as what homeowners are requesting. By quoting and installing products that offer a whole-home dehumidification solution, many contractors are thriving in today’s challenging economy.

Thanks to Aprilaire, whole-home dehumidification has become a simple, cost effective and profitable option to just cooling alone. With new energy star “size-friendly” 1830 70 pint model, and introduction of the higher capacity 1850, 95 pint in a smaller cabinet Aprilaire dehumidifiers will fit into attics, crawlspaces, HVAC closets and basement with an easier-to-install, whole-home dehumidifiers offering a range that covers 70 through 135 pint units.

Models 1830, 1850, 1850W, 1770A

Automatic Humidity Sensing On-board humidity sensing allows for better whole home monitoring and control of humidity. Optional remote living space control can be used to provide additional humidity control accessibility, as well as increased reliability in coastal environments.

Systems Status On-board LED status, providing instant, easily understood feedback / validation on the unit's operation and performance.

Innovative Features

Air Filtration - MERV 8 Washable filter included

Built-in Ventilation

  • Brings in outside air for ventilation of the home to ASHRAE 62.2 2007 standard.
  • In hot, humid climates, supplemental dehumidification of fresh air beyond standard HVAC equipment is recommended.
  • The most efficient means to dehumidify air is upon initial entry into the home instead of after the home is loaded.
  • Monitors HVAC fan run time during cooling and/or heating calls to efficiently ventilate the whole home, and automatically monitor/control the humidity of the incoming air; utilizes dehumidifier and HVAC fan to make up any remaining ventilation required based on chosen set point.
  • Optional outdoor temperature sensor can be used if no fresh air is desired above 100°F or below 0°F (utilizing this will ignore ASHRAE 62.2 2007 standard).

Model 1830 and 1850

The new Aprilaire 1830 and 1850 models are truly an entire dehumidification solution in one box, includes everything you need for base installations.

Added Features
  • Increased Capacity (pints per day removal) in a cabinet that fits through scuttles, under HVAC equipment, or through most crawlspace openings. 12.5"Wide x 14.5"High with 25"Long with the 1830 and 27.5” long with the 1850 model.
  • World Class Quality with e-coated coils, robust end-of-line testing, and an industry-leading warranty policy.
  • Easy Installation with an integral digital control that walks through set up, positive pressure no p-trap, integrated back flow dampers, with top or front discharge.
  • Control Options on all units include a digital LCD integrated into every unit with intuitive RH set points and optional external controls, including remote RH monitoring.
  • Plug-in Terminals - easy quick outside wiring to board
  • MERV 8 Washable filter
  • Light weight - one person transport
Components included with new Model 1830 and 1850:
  • Backflow damper - attached to the duct collar - no additional install time
  • Blower activation controls
  • Adjustable outlet options - duct collar is adjustable for top or side discharge application

Optimal/Most Efficient Solution For Whole-home Humidity Control

Aprilaire Central Dehumidifiers monitor conditions 24-7, ready to tackle the toughest humidity conditions within the home at any time.

  • During partial load conditions, often prevalent within the home
  • During those days and times where there is not a need or call for cooling:
    • Spring and Autumn months
    • Cloudy and rainy days
    • Nighttime and morning hours
  • When high humidity is an issue/problem in specific areas of the home
  • When dependable, reliable 24-7 humidity control is critical to the health of your family

Using an Aprilaire Central Dehumidifier independently as well as in conjunction with your existing central air conditioning system optimizes the overall dehumidification of your home as well as the energy efficiency of your cooling system.

Product Specification and Sizing Summary

Model 1830 1850 1850F 1770A
Capacity (1) pints/day 70 ppd 95 ppd 95 ppd 135 ppd
Energy Factor (1) 1.91 L/kW-h 2.2 L/kW-h 2.2 L/kW-h 1.8 L/kW-h
Energy Star Qualified Yes No No No
Air flow @ various external static pressure - dry coil
0.0" w.c. 160 CFM  265 CFM 245 CFM @ 0.0" w.c. 500 CFM @ 0.9" w.c.
0.2" w.c. 120 CFM  230 CFM
0.4" w.c. 70 CFM  200 CFM
Voltage, Phase, Frequency 120VAC, 1, 60 Hz, 120VAC, 1, 60 Hz, 120VAC, 1, 60 Hz, 120VAC, 1, 60 Hz,
Current Draw (1) 6.3 Amps 8.0 Amps 8.0 Amps 14.5 amps
Sound Level 47 dBA ducted 54 dBA ducted 60 dBA 53 dBA ducted
51 dBA unducted
Dimensions - cabinet only
   Width 12.5" 12.5" 12.5"  20.75" 
   Height(2) 14.5" 14.5" 14.5" 22.62"
   Length 25"  27.5" 27.5" 24"
Weight 70 lbs 75 lbs 70 lbs 100 lbs
Air Filter Washable MERV 8 Washable MERV 8 Washable MERV 8 Washable MERV 8
Refrigeration R-410A R-410A R-410A R-410A
Cabinet Insulation 1/2" EPS 1/2" EPS 1/2"EPS 1” Foil Faced EPS
Operating condition
Inlet Air Operating Conditions 50°F - 104°F, 40°F dew point min. 50°F - 104°F, 40°F dew point min. 50°F - 104°F, 40°F dew point min. 50°F - 104°F, 40°F dew point min.
Ambient/Ventilation 40°F - 140°F, 0% - 99% RH 40°F - 140°F, 0% - 99% RH 40°F - 140°F, 0% - 99% RH 40°F - 140°F, 0% - 95% RH
(1) Rated capacity and Energy Factor test done and current draw measured in accordance with AHAM DH-1 2008 at 80°F/60%RH inlet
air at 0.0 ESP for 1800 Series models. The 1770A model is at 550 CFM
(2) Height does not include adjustable feet or casters. The width excludes the filter doors, and length excludes the duct collars.
Product Features
Control Built-In digital control with display (*) Built-In digital control with display (*) Built-In digital control with display (*) Built-In control (*)
Control Mounting option Field interchangeable from Front to Top Field interchangeable from Front to Top Top only Front only
Air Discharge Orientation Top or End Air Discharge Top or End Air Discharge End Air Discharge End Air Discharge
Inlet and Outlet Duct Size 10" Round 10" Round N/A 10" Round
Back damper at outlet Included Included N/A Included
Power Cord Type Plug Type (capable to be hard wire) Plug Type Plug Type NEMA 5-20P
Discharge Air Temperature Rise 10°F-30°F 10°F-30°F 10°F-30°F 10°F-30°F
Coil Corrosion resistance E-coated Coil E-coated Coil E-coated Coil E-coated Coil
Drain Connection 3/4" PVC ( adapters for threaded connection or plastic hose included) 3/4" PVC ( adapters for threaded connection or plastic hose included) 3/4" PVC ( Threaded adapter and barbed fitting for clear draining tubing and 5' of clear drain tubing included)  3/4" PVC Trap and 90° elbow included
Warranty 5 Years 5 Years 5 Years 5 Years
System Options As applicable, capable to be used on vertical or horizontal air handlers/furnaces Main Return to Main Return Main Return to Main Return   Main Return to Main Return
Dedicated Return to Main Supply Dedicated Return to Main Supply   Dedicated Return to Main Supply
Dedicated Return to A/C Return Dedicated Return to A/C Return   Dedicated Return to A/C Return
Dedicated A/C Return to A/C Return Dedicated A/C Return to A/C Return Freestanding Dedicated A/C Return to A/C Return
Main Return to Main Supply Main Return to Main Supply   Main Return to Main Supply
Unducted / Freestanding Unducted / Freestanding   Unducted / Freestanding
Air Cycling Yes Yes N/A Yes
Ventilation Yes Yes N/A Yes
HVAC fan on with dehumidifier Yes Yes N/A Yes
Dehumidifier lockout w/air conditioning call (field setting) Yes Yes N/A No
Fault Indicator/Diagnostic Yes - with self-diagnostics (3) Yes - with self-diagnostics (3) Yes - with self-diagnostics(3) Yes - with self-diagnostics
* Build-in Automatic Control capable to be set up for dehumidification, and ventilation or zoning. Also capable to be wired to the Model 76 Wall Mounted control, or with the 8620 (available as an optional accessory)
(3)  Diagnostic codes are displayed on the LCD.

Optional Accessories

  • Model 76 Living Space Control
  • Model 8052 Temperature Sensor
  • Model 6506 6" Ventilation Damper
  • Model 4856 Condensate Pump
  • Model 5442 Basement/Zone Kit (2-10” N/O Dampers, 2-10” N/C Dampers & 1 Transformer)

The best solution to humidity problems in your basement.

The Aprilaire Model 1850F Free Standing High Capacity Dehumidifier: basement use.

  • More capacity
  • More efficiency
  • More convenience

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