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Part 2, Features and Applications

Part 3, Features and Applications Continued

Part 4, Mounting the Model 800

Part 5, Mounting the Model 800 Continued

Part 6, Installing the Model 62 Controller

Part 7, Installation of the Model 800 Humidifier

Part 8, Start Up and Operation

Part 9, Service and Maintenance Indicators

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Automatic Digital Control Humidifiers

Model 700 Model 600 Model 500 Model 400 Model 800
Powered Unit Large Bypass Small Bypass Large Bypass

Evaporative flow-through technology you can trust.

  • Reliability
    - Delivers optimum humidity
    - Flow-through technology provides efficient evaporation; extends water panel life
    - Minimal components for easy care; trouble-free performance

  • Engineered Simplicity®
    - Versatile applications
    - Simple installs in six easy steps
    - Automatic control continually delivers optimum humidity 24/7
    - Simple, annual maintenance

Deliver more with the industry leader - Aprilaire

  • Digital control provides more accuracy and information - exclusively from Aprilaire
  • Delivers proper amounts of humidity and automatically adjusts for changes in temperature or conditions.

Designed for your customer

  • The upgraded Automatic Digital Control provides comprehensive information to the homeowner.
    - Relative humidity percentage
    - When unit needs service
    - When unit needs maintenance
    - When unit is on and operating properly

  • Set-it-and-forget-it control ensures maximum comfort throughout the home - every hour, every day, all season long.
  • The attractive housing color - a light blend of blue and gray creates a subtle presence in the installed environment.
  • Delivers perfectly humidified air to every room of the house, minimizing cold triggers, dry, itchy skin and static shocks.
  • Manual model option when outdoor temperature sensor cannot be used.

Built for you

  • Reduced nuisance calls - control tells homeowners when service is required.
  • Research indicates that 84% of customers would choose digital control and are willing to pay up to $70 more for the upgraded features provided by Aprilaire. With 98% of households in need of a humidifier, that means bigger profit margins in an untapped market.
  • Both the unit and the control were specially designed for easy installation - the easiest in the industry. Limited tools and parts make the job simple, saving you valuable time and money. The humidifier control requires only a simple 3/4-inch drill bit and no tin snips.
  • Service codes on the digital display of the control panel allow your customers to communicate with you more clearly, saving time on service calls.
  • When customers know exactly when a water panel replacement is needed, they'll call you for product installation, giving you another opportunity to assess their indoor air quality needs.

Steam Humidification

Model 800

  • Quality and Reliability
    Proven design using electrode technology perfected by Dri-Steem® a subsidiary of Research Products.

  • High Capacity
    One unit can provide between 11.5 and 34.6 gallons per day.

  • Easy to Install
    Remote or duct mount with no additional accessories.

  • Easy to Maintain
    No cleaning or scrubbing, simply remove canister and replace.

  • Dispersion and Absorption
    Steam dispersion technology ensures proper dispersion into the air, preventing condensation in duct.

  • Accessories Included
    Control, dispersion tube, steam hose and drain tube included in the box.

Model 865

  • The Fan Pack marries with the Aprilaire Steam Humidifier to provide comfortable humidity levels to homes without duct work.
  • Quiet Operation makes the Fan Pack practically unnoticeable
  • Designed to blend into a home's environment
  • Easy install - Recessed into a wall and connects directly to the Steam Humidifier.

Voltage Current draw Maximum steam capacity
Amps Kw gal/day
120V 11.5 1.4 11.5
16.0 1.9 16.0
208V 11.5 2.4 20.5
16.0 3.3 30.0
240V 11.5 2.8 23.3
16.0 3.8 34.6
  • Water Hardness - 3 to 36 grain per gallon, water filtration not necessary
  • Water Conductivity - 125-1250 micro Siemens per centimeter (μS/cm)
  • Supply water pressure must be between 25 psi and 120 psi
  • Drain water flushed and tempered with cold fresh inlet water
  • Electrical draw 11.5 amps or 16 amps
  • Canister replacement once per humidifier season under normal conditions. Canister life will depend on water quality and run time. Unit will automatically notify when canister must be replaced.
  • Operating Weight - up to 27 lbs.

Commercial Humidification Calculation Software

Use this (Windows) software to determine the Aprilaire Humidifier that's perfect for your application - (HumidCalcSoft). This is an EXE file. Right click and choose "Save Target As." When the download is complete, find the file on your computer and double click on it to install. If you choose to install this software after download, please note that NO information is collected or shared during installation or while the program is resident on your computer. It is simply a stand-alone program that we hope you'll find informative and useful.

Consumer Literature

Consumer literature is available for you to download. To order high quality literature in quantity, contact customer service or become a Partner In Comfort member.

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