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The temperatures are only starting to drop but it's never too early to prepare for Fall/Winter humidifier sales and service checks. Order our in-home sales tools to get your customers thinking about the upcoming winter. Use our contractor references to get your team up to speed on our entire humidification product line. More tools will be added soon.





Check out these great in-home humidifier sales tools!

  • ASHRAE RH Chart for Humidifiers (Form 327) - Show customers where their home's RH is currently and where it will be when you install an Aprilaire humidifier.

  • Customer Satisfaction Form (Form 329)- NEW! Use this form to generate more leads for humidifier sales.

  • Humidifier "While I'm Here" Flyer (Form 332) - Identify the issues customers may be experiencing with dryness in the home and show them how an Aprilaire humidifier can solve them.

  • All Seasons ASHRAE RH Chart (Form 2205) - This version of the ASHRAE RH Chart is for year-round discussions on Aprilaire humidifier and dehumidifier solutions.


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Download our reference tools below or order copies today!



Find this video and other great humidifier tools on our Aprilaire Healthy Home App. You can also download videos here for use in TV commercials or digital marketing.