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Co-op Advertising

We know the importance of good advertising and what it can do to help your business succeed. Aprilaire has professionally developed advertising materials available to help you promote the IAQ solutions that you offer. Many of these materials are ready to go and can be used without pre-approval from us.

Click here to view our Co-op Advertising Guidelines and Artwork brochure. Download the brochure to submit co-op reimbursement claims through the activity form on the back page.


Other important documents:

  • Co-op Activity Form
    Download this PDF and fill in the information to submit a co-op claim OR attach an invoice to receive an increase in your co-op funds! (See form for details.)
  • Advertising Price Sheet
    Review pricing for all direct mail marketing options

Get ALL of our pre-approved advertising materials now:

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EXCLUSIVE Advertising Options for Partner Members!

Want to take your advertising to the next level? Become an Aprilaire Partner member to access:

How Co-op Advertising Works

Co-op advertising is a simple way for you to combine your advertising dollars with funds provided by Aprilaire. It’s very cost-effective because you end up spending only 40 cents of every dollar on your Aprilaire advertising efforts after we process your claim!. Here’s how it works:

Available Funds for Advertising

  • As an Aprilaire Partner member, the dollars available to you for reimbursement of your paid advertising starts with an allowance of $1,200 per year beginning March 1 (co-op year runs March 1 – February 28).

  • Funds are available to you for reimbursement after you have done the advertising and submitted proof of the amounts you have paid. The portion of the $1,200 that is available to you is based on reimbursing 60% of the cost you paid to advertise. The amount we reimburse you will then be deducted from the original $1,200 allowance.

Additional Funds Earned from Product Purchases

  • Partner Members can grow their allowance by earning 3% on all Aprilaire product purchases throughout the year (March 1 – Feb 28). For example, if you buy $50,000 in Aprilaire products, we will add $1,500 to your allowance ($50,000 x .03).

​Don't leave money on the table - become an Aprilaire partner today to take advantage of ALL of the advertising support we offer!