Aprilaire Filter Grille Air Cleaners – Available Now!


We previewed our new Aprilaire Filter Grille Air Cleaner at this year’s AHR Expo and it created A LOT of buzz. Our latest addition to the Air Cleaner product line offers the lowest static pressure in the industry thanks to our patented Self-Seal® filter design. This eliminates bypass, requires fewer filter change-outs, and provides superior equipment protection. Contractors who use Aprilaire filters will reduce profit-robbing warranty call-backs that are caused by loaded or leaky 1″ or 2″ filters.

The Filter Grille Air Cleaner offers contractors a new application for our award-winning high-efficiency filters. Builders looking for ways to protect their systems, particularly those installed in attics, now have a superior alternative to filter grilles that accept 1″ filters. Installing one of Aprilaire’s Filter Grille Air Cleaners allows for lower static pressure, which can reduce the total number of filters that need to be installed.

For more information on our entire Air Cleaner product line, visit the Product Benefits and Technical Information pages on AprilairePartners.com. Contact your local Aprilaire distributor to order today!