Aprilaire’s Latest Air Cleaner Filters — 2019 Dealer Design Award Winners!

This past July, Aprilaire received the Bronze Dealer Design Award in the IAQ Category for our MERV 16 Allergy & Asthma and MERV 13 Odor Reduction replacement filters!

The best part about receiving this award is the judging panel is made up entirely of contractors. Which means YOU, our Partners, truly appreciate the effort taken in creating these new products. Our goal is to make products that distributors enjoy selling, contractors prefer to install, and homeowners appreciate. We take this as a sign that we’re accomplishing these goals.

From our Air Filtration Product Manager, Chris Chase: “We appreciate the recognition from the pros in our industry. I want to thank our industry partners; distributors and contractors alike, as well as our engineering, sales, and marketing teams in making these products successful and continuing to solidify our position as the industry leader in proving innovative IAQ solutions.”

Introduced in 2018, Aprilaire’s Allergy & Asthma filter has the lowest resistance of any MERV 16 filter in the industry. It removes up to 99% of allergy and asthma triggers and has a 6-month filter life.

Also introduced in 2018, Aprilaire’s Odor Reduction filter uses over one pound of activated carbon in each filter. Offering MERV 13 efficiency, Odor Reduction filters are designed help homes reduce odors caused by pets, cooking, household chemicals, and more.

If you haven’t tried either of these filters yet — or if you have yet to offer these to your customers — visit your nearest Aprilaire distributor to pick some up! And don’t forget to check out our Air Cleaner product benefits page for more information on our air cleaner and filter product lines.

As always, The Dealer Design Awards are awarded annually and sponsored by the ACHR NEWS. Thank you once again to all who voted and to everyone that installs our high-efficiency air cleaners and filters!