You Can’t Sell It If You Don’t Quote It!

Soon enough we’ll be feeling that crisp fall air, and you know what that means: humidifier sales opportunities for the taking! In order to help you capitalize on the need for humidity this time of year, we’ve got a great campaign set up to help you quote, promote, and sell more humidifiers.

Our Healthy Humidity campaign features digital content for your social media pages and website, webinars throughout the season to help you advertise and sell humidifiers, product offers, and copy and images to add to your quote forms that will help you sell your customers on the need for humidifiers in their homes:

  • Reduced bacteria, viruses, asthma and allergy triggers
  • Eliminating static shock and dry itchy skin
  • Protected wood floors and furnishings
  • Feeling more comfortable at lower temperatures for the sake of energy efficiency

Watch the video and see how selling healthy air on quoting and sales tools has made the difference for contractors across the country. And don’t forget to do what we did and take Frank Kotz’s lesson to heart: you can’t sell it if you don’t quote it!

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