Aprilaire at AHR 2020: Controlling Humidity for Healthier Air

If “Healthy Air Starts with an Air Cleaner”, it certainly doesn’t stop there. Mindy and Damian, our Humidifier and Dehumidifier Product Managers, are at AHR to discuss how to control humidity in the home year-round.

Most of the country is right in the middle of prime humidifier season and not only do humidifiers provide home preservation and comfort benefits, but they also decrease your family’s chance of getting colds and flus.

Dehumidifiers provide the very same benefits — health, comfort and preservation — once summer rolls around and indoor humidity needs to be limited. Removing moisture from the air keeps mold and mildew from growing and causing their own set of nasty illnesses and symptoms.

Aprilaire has the solutions for you to provide your customers with healthy air, no matter the problem. And like Mindy and Damian said, the best way to offer healthy air is to quote a humidifier and dehumidifier on every job by adding them to your sales packages! Because, “You can’t SELL it, if you don’t QUOTE it!”