Healthy Air Heroes: Kettle Moraine

Kettle Moraine

Kettle Moraine Heating and Air near Milwaukee, WI is taking every precaution while still building out a full installation schedule. They are definitely not using this time to “settle down”!


Kettle Moraine Owner Bill Brink suggests, “We work with each homeowner to give them the comfort they need. We’ll work around their schedule, if they prefer not to be in the house while we’re there, we’ll accommodate that. And of course, wear protective gear and wipe down!”


Here’s what Kettle Moraine provides on their website regarding their zero contact services policy:

Our goal is to provide comfort – not only with heating and cooling but on all levels during these unprecedented times. We strive to ensure you are comfortable with how we provide your service. We encourage any customers with additional questions or concerns to give us a call.

The Milwaukee-area HVAC company is offering financing options, screening employees daily for COVID-19 symptoms, obtaining virtual signatures, and providing quotes virtually and traditionally (with additional safeguards).


Their contractors are also wearing nitrile gloves, floor defense shoe guards, and safely dispose of and sanitize their workspace and equipment.


By request, Kettle Moraine’s team members will also wear a mask. They are even offering virtual home visits.


These different policies are being reviewed continually and being communicated to both employees and customers as different requirements arise.


Bill also elevates the conversation about health today. “As an industry, we haven’t done a good enough job educating homeowners on the healthy air solutions we can provide. We have to do better. People need healthy air”.


Bill also encourages other contractors to keep at it.  “Don’t give up! There’s work out there. The business is still there. People are cooped up in their houses.  They don’t need bad air! I understand their concern but with every precaution taken, we can still help”.