Dehumidifier Sales: Converting Opportunities

“Every Comfort Advisor has that list and they are educating customers with that list, which is also helping the [dehumidifier] sale.” – Bill Brink, Kettle Moraine

Dehumidifier Sales: The Aprilaire Difference

If you’ve taken advantage of our Healthy Humidity offers, then now is the right time to make dehumidifier sales! Basements and crawl spaces are getting nasty, homes are getting musty and stuffy, and your business can solve those problems


Be sure you have the tools you need to talk to every homeowner about the best dehumidification solution on the market that you, the Healthy Air Pro, can provide.


Watch the video above and remember what the PROS do:


  • Ask questions
  • Provide solutions to differentiate your business.


When you’re in the home, remember to look for existing portables. Help them out and help out your bottom line. Bring up the recall and convert them to high capacity, Aprilaire Whole-Home Dehumidifiers; Safe. Effective, Efficient!


“If you’re walking around the home and see 3 or 4 stand-alone dehumidifiers, a lightbulb goes off right away that this is going to be something we can talk about.” – Justin Stotler, Colombus Worthington Air – Ohio


Sticker shock?


The pros we talk to simply point out the operating cost vs inefficiently smaller units that run constantly and burn out quickly, the industry-leading 5-year warranty and robust, commercial-grade design. It becomes an easy sell.


“You’re gonna save about $175 in operational costs versus a [portable] unit.” – Bill Brink, Kettle Moraine


Successful Dehumidifier Sales Webinars


Lastly, check out our upcoming Successful Dehumidifier Sales webinars to help your team sell healthy air to your customers this year.