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Dealers are encouraged to add the Healthy Air SystemTM page to their website until Friday, June 19th. The code, which can be found below, is located on our Healthy Air System webpage Once the page has been posted, the company will be automatically entered into the Healthy Air System contest for a chance to win $500. No further steps are needed. For the complete list of rules, click here.



Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, indoor air quality is under increased scrutiny from consumers who want to make sure that the air they are breathing is healthy. Our Healthy Air System addresses those concerns with air filtration, humidification, and fresh air ventilation to provide Healthy Air throughout the home. This system will add levels of protection to address indoor air quality concerns such as airborne viruses, energy efficiency, odor removal, moisture removal, dry air, and asthma triggers. A Healthy Air System is the ultimate solution for customer’s indoor air quality concerns. Putting this page on your hand will allow you to quickly share pertinent information about the Healthy Air System and the role it plays in improving all aspects of indoor air quality.




1: Copy the Code

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2: Create a new webpage on your website


3: Paste the code into the code section of the content block of your webpage. Publish.


4: Be sure to promote this Healthy Air System page on your website and various social media platforms.


For further instructions, watch this video! This video helps provide specific information on posting to different hosting platforms such as WordPress and Sitefinity.


Thank you for your continued support of Healthy Air! Good luck with the Healthy Air System Contest!