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Your Title 24 Compliant Filtration Solution

In January 2020, California adopted updated Title 24 building code. This change increases the level of filtration efficiency on HVAC systems install in new homes.


AprilAire Filter Grille Air Cleaners with MERV 13 filters give you the most effective, and easiest to install, filtration solution that complies with Title 24, Part 6.

How AprilAire Filter Grille Air Cleaners meet Title 24, Part 6

1. Filters must have a minimum MERV 13 rating
Filter Grille Air Cleaners use 613 and 813 Healthy Home MERV 13 Filters, compatible with the 16”x25” and 20”x25” models, respectively.

2. Filters must be at least 2” deep
All AprilAire filters are 4” deep. This provides homes with better, longer-lasting particulate removal and lower static pressure due to more filter surface area.

    Watch this video to learn how AprilAire Filter Grilles meet Title 24 code.

    Other Benefits of AprilAire Filter Grille Air Cleaners

    Superior system protection over 1” filters – extends the life of the HVAC system


    Fewer filter grilles to install – our filters' low static pressure means you won’t have to install more filters to reduce the high system static that would be created by using 1” filters

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    MERV 13 Filter Grille

    For full technical specs on how AprilAire Filter Grille Air Cleaners comply with Title 24 Part 6 and make new homes' air healthier, read our Filter Grille Technical Overview Brochure.


    Inside, you'll find our recommended installation setup as determined by system tonnage, pressure drop and filter efficiency data, unit dimensions, and more.


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