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Get the word out 

Proven successful marketing strategies include efforts to communicate to your current customers as well as increasing your customer base. Both are essential in any business endeavor. There are generally three ways to do this and Aprilaire has tools for each:

Promote IAQ to existing customers

Your existing customers already know you and trust you, so they're an easy audience for learning about IAQ. Direct mail is a great way to let them know about your IAQ expertise. You can also leave behind consumer literature to help educate homeowners on the benefits of whole-home IAQ solutions. 

Retain existing customers

Comfort accessories can also be used to ensure an ongoing relationship with your current customers. Maintenance reminder decals, plenum stickers and thermostats that include your name and contact information provide a permanent reminder to call you. 

Generate new sales leads

There are millions of people looking for ways to make their indoor environment more comfortable, more healthy and more efficient. Seasonal sales promotions and Co-op Advertising are ways to generate new sales leads. Aprilaire provides tools and promotion dollars to drive traffic to your business as IAQ leader in your neighborhood. 

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