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Trusted solutions for pest management professionals 


Aprilaire has been a leader in improving residential indoor air quality for more than 60 years. A trusted name in the HVAC industry, we know the solutions contractors need to meet the demands of crawlspace moisture control. 

We also know that reliability is important to you and your customers and we stand behind our dehumidifiers with a 5-year, bumper-to-bumper warranty. Aprilarie provides excellent technical support with our team in Madison, WI who are trained to answer your questions about installation, application and troubleshooting. 
Offering high-capacity dehumidification also allows you to differentiate your business by offering customers a solution that is more complete and longer lasting than that of your competitors. You know that the best pest extermination jobs are not complete and the house is not fulyl protected until humidity is under control. Trust that control to the brand the HVAC industry has relied on for more than a half-century. .  

The industry's most versatile dehumidifier! 


The model 1820 is the key to unlocking new sales revenue. Simple to install, your technicians will quote it on ever sales call!

Model 1820 Specification Sheet


Aprilaire is here to help

In addition to reliable, high-capacity solutions. we provide the tools and training you need to successfully sell dehumidification solutions in the home. Download our pest management In-home sell sheet literature.

Benefits of Aprilaire Dehumidifiers

  • Easy installation - Convertible top and side air discharge locations, small cabinet and no p-trap. Digital control walks installer through initial set-up. Streamline designs perfect for crawlspace applications. 

  • Durability and warranty - Five-year bumper-to-bumper warranty, 15-plus year system life expectancy and e-coated coils that resist corrosion. 

  • Prevent over-cooling - Help reduce high humidity in homes where shorter air conditioner run times fail to remove enough moisture for optimal comfort. 

  • Available Wi-Fi Control - Offer consumers peace of mind that they can monitor control excess humidity in their homes anytime, from anywhere with an Aprilaire Wi-Fi Thermostat.