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Take Humidity to the Next Level

NEW! 720 Fan-Powered Evaporative Humidifier With HydroCore™ Technology

Shipping August 2024

Industry-Leading Features & Benefits

The NEW 720 Fan-Powered Evaporative Humidifier with HydroCore™ Technology is an innovative solution ready for installation in 2024 that combines industry-leading capacity with 60% reduction in wastewater* for performance and water savings homeowners can invest in. Take humidity to the next level and offer best-in-class humidification to your customers.

Advanced Performance & Technology

21 GPD - Highest capacity evaporative solution in the industry+

60% Less Wastewater*

Annual maintenance in ~60 seconds**

2X More Efficient

*Compared to AprilAire 700 Humidifier
**Changing HydroCore™ only
+Compared to leading evaporative humidifier claimed capacities







Recirculation Valve

Recirculates water to deliver 3X more water across the panel while reducing wastewater by 60%*.


High/Low Fan Settings

High = Max capacity, 21 GPD
Low = Reduced sound level with 19 GPD capacity

Hybrid Fan

Maximize even distribution of air across the panel for increased output and efficiency


New Distribution Tray

Allows installation to be up to 3 degrees out of level

Configurable Fan

Easily install fan on left or right ensures optimal performance for any furnace flow, including vertical, and accommodates challenging installs.

More jobs in more places!


Catch-All Drain

All surfaces funnel to a common drain to help prevent leaks

Easy Maintenance

One-piece disposable HydroCore™ easily snaps in and out—done in 60 seconds

All-in-one design includes water panel, distribution tray, scale control, and feed tube







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