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720 Humidifier

Take Humidity to the Next Level

NEW! 720 Fan-Powered Evaporative Humidifier With HydroCore Technology

Shipping August 2024

Advanced Performance & Technology

20+ GPD Performance
60% Less Wastewater
Maintain in Less Than 60 Seconds
2X Evaporative Efficiency
Best Evaporative Solution for Heat Pumps


Up to 20+ GPD

High = Max capacity
Low = Quiet operation


Hybrid Fan

Maximize even distribution of air across the panel

Distribution Tray

Distribution Tray

Allows installation to be up to 3 degrees out of level


Recirculation Valve

Maximizes panel saturation while reducing wastewater by 60%

Configurable Fan

Configurable Fan

Easily install fan on left or right

Superior Sustainability

HydroCore cartridge utilizes 100% pre-consumer recycled materials 

Packaging is made with Biodegradable EPS - 94% degraded within 4 years and 100% recyclable

Innovative recirculation valve recycles water and increases flow rate, while reducing wastewater


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