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Pair high capacity with energy efficiency. Learn more in the Dehumidifier Product Guide.  

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AprilAire Dehumidifiers

In our continued effort to produce the best Healthy Air solutions for our partners and homeowners, AprilAire Dehumidifiers provide increased energy efficiency and removal capacity without sacrificing ease of install or the wide variety of install applications.

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Advantages of AprilAire Dehumidifiers Over Retail Models

  • Product Performance - AprilAire Dehumidifiers have 8-10 times more CFM over the evaporative coil than smaller retail units.
  • Sold in Contractor Channels - Because our dehumidifiers are designed for whole home/HVAC, basement, crawl space, pest control, and other applications, we don't sell to big box stores. Healthy Air Professionals across these trades have the opportunity to grow their businesses through expert installations involving ductwork, ventilation, and other techniques for superior humidity control.
  • Safety and Quality - Since 2003, 6.1 million foreign-made models have been recalled due to risk of fire hazard. Read our Dehumidifier Safety Recall Check brochure to see if your customers' dehumidifiers have been recalled.
  • Energy Savings - AprilAire Dehumidifiers cost about $216 less to run during the summer than a cheaper retail model. Our models also drop the relative humidity 3% below the set point to greatly reduce compressor cycling and energy use. They also have low amp per water removal ratings compared to retail units.
  • Intelligent Control Options - AprilAire standard and Wi-Fi Thermostats offer excellent external control of our dehumidifiers. Our units also feature smart on-board digital diagnostics for easy troubleshooting.

Introducing AprilAire Dehumidifiers

Proper Control of Excess Humidity for Every Application

  • Prevent Overcooling - Help reduce high humidity in homes where shorter air conditioner run times fail to remove enough moisture for optimal comfort.
  • Easy Installation - Convertible top and side air discharge locations, small cabinet, and no drain trap needed. Digital control walks installer through initial setup.
  • Attic Installs - Many consumers tighten up their attics to reduce energy loss but are then faced with a damaging buildup of moisture. AprilAire High-Capacity Dehumidifiers can remove attic moisture while maintaining energy savings.
  • Basement Capacity - Excess moisture in basements creates odors, promotes mold growth, and causes foundation damage. Unlike small portable units, AprilAire has a full line of dehumidifiers with the capacity to meet the demanding moisture removal needs of basements.
  • Durability and Warranty - Five-year bumper-to-bumper warranty, 15 plus-year system life expectancy and e-coated coils that resist corrosion.
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Broad Range of Applications

  1. Closet (Ducted to HVAC)
  2. Sealed Attic (With Flex Duct)
  3. Attic (Ducted to Grills)
  4. Attic (Ducted to HVAC)
  5. Garage (Ducted to Dedicated Grills in Home)
  6. Basement (Ducted to HVAC)
  7. Basement (Ducted to Grills)
  8. Basement (Freestanding)
  9. Crawl Space (Ducted to HVAC)
  10. Crawl Space (Freestanding)