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Your exclusive access to business building tools, programs, and training.

Become an AprilAire Healthy Air Partner Today!

We provide our Healthy Air Partners with much more than quality IAQ products. AprilAire Partners enjoy sales and technical training, business-building marketing programs, in-home selling tools and much more. We develop these programs for AprilAire Healthy Air Partners because we know that your success means our success.


Who can join?


Open to leading Indoor Air Quality providers in the United States and Canada that want to deliver Healthy Air to homeowners and their families. It’s free and takes 1-2 minutes.


What happens next?


You will receive an email with your credentials to log in to your personal dashboard with access to webinars, trainings, and product imprinting. 


In 24-48 business hours, you’ll be granted access to your AprilAire Pro App and customizable literature. The app contains an extensive library of in-home sales tools, videos, and technical reference materials for on-site sales, installs, and repairs. 


What's included?


- Business-building Sales Tools

Seasonal and Annual Product Campaigns

Thermostat Imprinting   

-Air Cleaner Imprinting 

AprilAire Pro App

Webinars and Trainings

Dedicated Customer Support Team


Frequently Asked Questions


What address should I use when registering?

Use your business address and other business contact information. 

Can I register my company multiple times?

Yes, each company location must have a unique email and physical address. 

What if someone else in my company is already registered?

There is one primary contact with an unlimited number of associates. We will follow up with you to see if you should be a primary or associate member.




Qualifications for becoming a Healthy Air Pro or Healthy Air Pro-Preferred are based on different levels of commitment.


Please contact your Business Development Specialist to see how you could qualify.

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