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About Us

Our History

Aprilaire is a division of Research Products Corporation of Madison, Wisconsin.

Fresh, clean air has been the concern of Aprilaire since its inception in 1938. That’s when we first began to design, manufacture, and distribute quality comfort products that improve the indoor air of homes throughout North America.

In 1954, we introduced the first evaporative, flow-through humidifiers. Since then we’ve added to our line of humidifiers as well as an entire family of indoor quality products including air purifiers (formerly sold under the Space-Gard® brand name), Dehumidifiers, Thermostats, Ventilation, and Zoned Comfort Control systems.

In 2001, Research Products acquired DRI-STEEM, leaders in humidification products for the commercial market segment. The DRISTEEM and Aprilaire association has provided powerful synergies in product design and manufacturing techniques that have resulted in the introduction of humidification products that fill more applications than ever before.  

Mission and Vision

Our mission is to provide our customers with exceptional service and superior products that condition or control the air for HVAC applications.

Our vision is to be the indoor comfort partner of choice of the HVAC contractor and distributor.

Core Values

We strive to focus on values that build and maintain a strong, vibrant workplace; one that fosters an environment of top-notch quality and service. Our values focus on innovation, achievement, knowing our customer, passion, fun, and being good neighbors.

Aprilaire continually gives back to the community. Through our employees’ efforts each year, we assist organizations like Habitat for Humanity, local food banks, blood drives, annual scholarship funds and the United Way.

Go to Market Strategy

Aprilaire is dedicated to the HVAC distributor and contractor channel. We work with a strong representation of distributors and we do not sell directly to retail. Our dedication to the channel is further illustrated with our regular participation in industry organizations and events.

As a leader in the HVAC industry, we work closely with associations such as the Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Institute (ARI) and the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE). These affiliations allow us to remain on top of industry standards and testing procedures. As a result, we’re proud to offer superior air quality solutions that help homeowners stay healthy and comfortable and help our partnering distributors and contractors’ businesses grow and prosper.


Our Quality Promise

Through continuous improvement, Aprilaire provides high quality products and services that exceed our customers’ expectations. The Aprilaire quality system meets ISO 9001:2008 requirements.

The quality management system ensures we develop, provide, maintain and continually improve products and services that meet and exceed customer expectations.

The requirements of the Aprilaire quality management system are defined by:

  1. Processes are identified that are needed for the quality management system and their applications throughout the corporation.

  2. Criteria and methods are determined as needed to ensure that the operation and control of all processes are effective.

  3. Resources and information are made available to support the operation and monitoring of these processes.

  4. Processes are monitored, measured and analyzed.

  5. Actions are implemented as necessary to achieve planned results and continual improvement

  6. When any process that affects product conformity is chosen to be outsourced, controls are maintained over those processes.

Aprilaire ensured that all requirements received from the customer are fully understood and that current capability exists to meet all aspects of the customer requirements prior to the acceptance of the order.

Team Aprilaire

Distributors and contractors rely on our customer service and technical support teams to provide a live voice on the phone (from Wisconsin, ya hey der!).  Our call performance is second to none. We aspire to:

  • Answer calls in 30 seconds or less

  • Respond to emails within 24 hours

  • Practice first-call resolution

  • Follow up immediately with a definitive answer if a call cannot be resolved immediately

  • Aprilaire Partner distributors enjoy 24-hour shipping as standard.

Your Aprilaire Partners

Count on our representatives in your area to help you find solutions. Whether you have a question on the sales side, need technical support, or just a shoulder to cry on, give them a call. 

Why Aprilaire? 

Your Partners with Total Comfort Solutions

Aprilaire is your Partner to help grow your business with IAQ. Our products with Total Comfort controls provide increased revenue opportunities with the installation of multiple indoor air quality products per job. HVAC contractors who provide Total Comfort are also providing improved customer satisfaction, resulting in stronger referral potential. Further benefits include recurring revenue through regular maintenance schedules.


Engineered Simplicity® – Easier installs and maintenance for improved profits

Aprilaire controls are designed for simple wiring, system set-up and programming; all of which provides increased profit by reducing the average installation time. These attributes, like all Aprilaire products, support our primary design objective - Engineered Simplicity® - products designed and built to be simple to install, service and sell.

Recurring revenue; protected replacement business 

Aprilaire indoor air quality products offer simple and convenient replacement of filters and water panels; many of which are only available through the HVAC channel. IAQ replacement parts help strengthen maintenance agreements business.

Improved Customer Satisfaction – the key to referrals 

Studies prove consumers’ most desired HVAC improvements are related to indoor air quality. They want confirmation and control. By providing these solutions, our Partners improve customer satisfaction and establish themselves as IAQ experts; differentiating themselves from solely a heating and cooling service provider.

Growing Your Business with IAQ

In the HVAC industry, the foundation of a sound business strategy is built on offering solutions

that encompass all aspects of indoor air quality, not just heating and cooling. From the control of humidity and air cleaning to fresh air and temperature, Aprilaire and its Partners are in a unique position to offer homeowners a total comfort solution.

Our expertise is in the design, engineering and marketing of indoor air quality products, along

with an in-depth understanding of consumer needs, building performance, and HVAC system requirements.

This experience has allowed us to develop controls and products that work together to achieve optimal comfort, health, energy savings, the preservation of the home and possessions.

It also affords our industry Partners with opportunities to grow their business by offering a suite of products with one simple, intuitive control, rather than individual IAQ accessories or a heating and cooling system alone.

Grow Your Business with Aprilaire Products for Every Climate, Every Application

HUMIDIFIERS – Humidity control for every climate, every application

DEHUMIDIFIERS –Provide the right solutions to control excess moisture problems

AIR PURIFIERS – Present the right air purifier to the right consumer

VENTILATION – Products designed to meet energy codes and standards

ZONED COMFORT CONTROL – Capitalize on a top consumer comfort concern

THERMOSTATS – Products designed with the HVAC contractor in mind