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Introducing the S86 Series Thermostats

AprilAire’s new S86 Series Thermostats provide a new level of peace-of-mind for contractor and homeowner alike. They are easy to install with Real Language setup, Menu-Style Navigation, and Basic and Advanced installer settings. Best-in-class schedule programming and overall ease of use means fewer call backs and less troubleshooting post-installation.

Wireless Sensors

Make installation quicker by installing our new wireless sensors (Model # S86WMUPR).

Our wireless sensors don't require running wires to be installed and offer improved comfort control through temperature averaging and sensor-controlled scheduling.

AprilAire Wireless Sensors

AprilAire Healthy Air App

The AprilAire Healthy Air App works with AprilAire connected devices and provides your customers with a powerful level of control—no matter where they are. Along with a new look and feel, the Healthy Air App is more intuitive and more reliable than ever before. We’ve upgraded the app’s operating cloud to ensure better connection and operation.


AprilAire Thermostat App

Take the Next Step

For more information on the S86 Thermostat, reach out to your AprilAire Business Development Specialist.