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Authorized Reseller Program

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In order to sell AprilAire Products on the Internet, you MUST become an Authorized AprilAire Internet Reseller.

Authorized Internet Resellers must apply directly with AprilAire and sign an Authorized Internet Reseller Agreement regulating the manner in which they sell online.  We believe this Internet Authorization Program will create a stable online brand presence, consistent high quality digital content, healthy available margins, and an end to free-riding by discount retailers or gray market sellers who provide few or no services.

For internet authorization, please apply using our AprilAire Authorized Internet Reseller Agreement.

Unilateral Pricing Policy

AprilAire has launched its Unilateral Minimum Advertised Price Policy effective December 11, 2021. The Price Policy sets forth the list of recommended price points at which we believe our products should be advertised in order for resellers to enjoy a sustainable margin while simultaneously providing the high-quality level of customer service and support end-users of our products have come to expect.  If a reseller fails to acquiesce with this Policy, AprilAire has the right to stop supplying them products. See the AprilAire Unilateral Pricing Policy .

Any and all questions regarding the Unilateral Price Policy should be directed to the Unilateral Price Policy Committee at BrandProtection@Aprilaire.com.

If you apply to become an Authorized Internet Reseller and are not approved, you will no longer be permitted to sell AprilAire Products on the Internet. AprilAire will take all steps necessary to protect the integrity of its Internet Authorization Program, including pursuing any and all legal actions against unauthorized Resellers that continue to sell AprilAire Products on the Internet.

For pricing information, reference the AprilAire Unilateral Pricing Grid.