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Healthy Air

It's time to care about Healthy Air.

Healthy Air, Healthy Home

Aprilaire Products - combined with a healthy lifestyle - can help reduce stress and illness and enhance creativity.

Promoting Healthy Air Year-Round

If your focus as a contractor is on indoor air quality, take that approach to the next level by promoting Healthy Air year-round. Use these effective sales tools and social media assets to show your customers how Aprilaire Products can help them breathe healthier air in their homes.

Download Your Digital Content

Bring attention to the healthy air your business provides their customers with the help of our Healthy Humidity digital assets. Download everything you need - images, copy, and directions - on how to execute your online campaigns. instead you can focus on doing what you do best: adding dehumidifiers to new homes all across your service area.

Healthy Air
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We eat nutritious foods, drink clean water, get plenty of sleep, and exercise…but why don’t we prioritize the air we breathe?


It’s time to care about #HealthyAir. Like if you agree.

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Thanks to dander, there’s no such thing as a hypoallergenic pet. Clear the air with Healthy Air. Tap the ‘Healthy Air’ link in our bio to learn more.



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Every night you’re not sneezing or scratching from allergies is a good night's sleep. Tap the ‘Healthy Air’ link in our bio to learn more about Healthy Air.



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In-Home Sales Tools

Healthy Home Brochure (Form 2207)

Our Healthy Home brochure provides homeowners with an overview of problems that cause indoor air to be unhealthy. This piece details how Aprilaire Products help alleviate these problems, provide energy savings, and preserve both hardwood floors and wooden furnishings. 

IAQ Solutions Brochure (Form 2209)

Similar to our Healthy Home brochure, the IAQ solutions brochure gives a detailed explanation of how each Aprilaire Product provides homeowners with healthier indoor air.

Healthy Home Videos

This video collection shows homeowners discussing indoor air quality issues. Your customers may have similar concerns. 

Available in 15-, 30-, and 60-second lengths.

Download Our Reference Tools


All Products Spec Guide (Form 2210) - View our full Aprilaire Product offering and review each product’s specs and application guidance.


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