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Why Radon Control?

Did you know radon is the #1 cause of cancer in nonsmokers? One out of every 15 homes in the U.S. are estimated to have elevated radon levels within the air in their home. Only a fraction of those homeowners have tested for radon, leaving millions of homes with unsafe air. That's where you, Healthy Air Professionals, come in with AprilAire solutions that are:



Highly effective and durable.


Easy to install and maintain.


Cost-efficient and essential.

Expand Your Offerings


Certification in AprilAire Radon Control further positions you as a true,
one-stop-shop Healthy Air Professional able to provide a unique service to people in need. You’ll also experience:

Greater Reach

As a certified AprilAire Radon Control specialist, you'll have more opportunities to meet people who want Healthy Air.

Competitive Edge

Adding radon services to your Healthy Air portfolio sets you apart from the competition to give your business an advantage.

Increased Revenue

Increase your dollars per call by 20–30% by offering the full array of AprilAire Indoor Air Quality solutions.

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See how radon mitigation can positively impact your business.

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Setting You Up for Success

AprilAire, the Healthy Air expert, is offering to train Healthy Air Professionals like you to get certified in radon mitigation. AprilAire’s radon certification courses meet all state requirements to apply for a radon license. If your state doesn’t have a radon license requirement, we still highly encourage your participation in these courses to expand your reach and differentiate your business from the competition.



Becoming an AprilAire Radon Control specialist requires you to:

  • Participate in a five-day, 40-hour program including measurement training plus mitigation and virtual field training
  • Pass the radon mitigation certification exam

Become an AprilAire Partner

AprilAire Partners get exclusive access to benefits including training, marketing materials, and more. Together, we can help build your business.


Training Opportunities

Gain access to:

  • Exclusive webinars
  • Product sales training

Marketing Materials

Certified professionals can promote themselves with:

  • Customizable literature
  • Radius marketing materials
  • Customizable social posts
  • Email template
  • Targeted sales scripts featuring talking points for customer visits

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