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Co-op Advertising

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Co-op Advertising

We know the importance of effective advertising and what it can do to help your business succeed. Aprilaire has professionally developed advertising materials available to help you promote the IAQ solutions you offer. Many of these materials are ready to work for you and can be used without pre-approval.

  • Co-op advertising funds - ​see below for details
  • Digital banner ads for your website
  • Social media posts for your company pages
  • Custom imprinted literature to share with your customers

All for free!

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How Co-op Advertising Works

Co-op advertising is a simple way for your advertising dollars to go further.

When you end you use Aprilaire Co-op advertising funds, it only costs you 40 cents for every dollar you spend on advertising. See additional content for more details. 


Reimbursement Funds for Advertising

As an Aprilaire Healthy Air Pro and Healthy Air Pro - Preferred, you will have an annual allowance of Co-op reimbursement funds. New Co-op reimbursement funds are available March 1. The Co-op year begins March 1 and ends February 28. To view your current Co-op funds, log in to your dashboard.

Co-op reimbursement funds can be accessed once the ad has run and you've submitted proof of the advertising cost. We will reimburse you 60% of the advertising cost. The amount we reimburse you will be deducted from your annual allowance of Co-op reimbursement funds. Current Co-op funds and submissions can be viewed on your dashboard.

Additional Funds Earned from Aprilaire Product Purchases

Healthy Air Pros and Healthy Air Pros - Preferred can also grow their annual allowance by earning 3% on all Aprilaire Product purchases throughout the Co-op year (March 1 – Feb 28). For example, if you buy $50,000 in Aprilaire products, we will add $1,500 to your allowance ($50,000 x .03).