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Installed E100V 8190FF

AprilAire Ventilating Dehumidifier

This all-in-one ventilating dehumidifier kit combines our latest, most energy-efficient dehumidifier with our patent-pending ventilation control. Effectively blend in fresh air and keep humidity low with one simple install.


Ventilating Dehumidifier

(Models E100V + 8190FF)

This new ventilating dehumidification solution features our newest, most energy-efficient dehumidifier - Model E100V - combined with our patented damper plenum - Model 8190FF. Together, they will help you bring in fresh air for Effective Virus Protection.


The E100V is recognized as ENERGY STAR ® Most Efficient for 2022

Dehumidifying Indoor Air

- Minimizes virus survival rates

- Prevents mold and mildew growth

- Creates comfortable, humidity-controlled air

- Protects wood furnishings and floors

- Minimizes air conditioning calls


8190FF Damper Plenum

The 8190FF damper plenum is designed to work specifically with the e-series Model E100V Dehumidifier. It contains two dampers – one for incoming fresh air, and one for indoor air ducted to the dehumidifier.

Virtual Tradeshow Experience

Check out the AprilAire Ventilating Dehumidifier, which recently premiered at our 2021 Virtual Trade Show Experience.

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