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Effective Virus Protection

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Aprilaire Healthy Air System was created so that you can offer your customers the most effective virus protection solution available.


As our valued partner, your company plays a critical role in the global response by offering this 3-part system: fresh air ventilation, air filtration, and humidity control. Below you’ll find all you need to educate your customers on the importance of improving the health of their indoor air – sales tools, digital assets for your social media presence and website, and more. Please visit this page frequently for updates and additions.

Fresh Air Ventilation


Air inside the home can be up to 5 times more polluted than the air outside. A properly functioning whole-home ventilation system is critical to maintaining a Healthy Home environment. Fresh air ventilation brings in air from the outside to dilute stagnant indoor air and remove airborne contaminants.

Products such as the Aprilaire Model 8145 Fresh Air Ventilator and Model 8126X Ventilation System bring in the recommended amount of fresh air, using only a minimal amount of energy. Combining fresh air ventilation with our IAQ thermostats allows homeowners to easily adjust the amount of fresh air being brought into their home.


Air Filtration


Proper filtration of the air in the home, as well as incoming air from ventilation, is key to removing particulates from the air.

According to the United States National Library of Medicine of the National Institutes of Health, coronavirus particles average 0.13 microns in size, and most airborne viruses range from 0.03 to 0.3 microns.

Aprilaire MERV 16 Allergy & Asthma Filters provide the highest rate of effectiveness, capturing up to 96%* of airborne particles the size of viruses. When used in Aprilaire Air Cleaners, these filters feature Self-Seal Technology, which minimizes the amount of air bypassing the filter.

*Contaminants removed based on air passing through the filtering system

Humidity Control


Whether it’s combatting dry air or reducing excess moisture and its resulting problems, proper humidity in the home greatly reduces the transmission of viruses. ASHRAE promotes keeping humidity between 30-60% in order to minimize virus survival rates.

To properly control humidity and reduce viruses in the home, Aprilaire provides humidifier products such as the 600, 700, and 800, as well as the 1850 dehumidifier. These products are designed to help make the homes healthy by keeping humidity within its optimal range, no matter the time of year or region of the country.

We support the findings and recommendation of ASHRAE.

The most effective way to prevent proliferation of airborne viruses is by installing a whole-home Aprilaire Healthy Air System containing 3 elements:

Fresh Air Ventilation, Air Cleaners with a high-performance filter, and Humidity Control.


Add a Landing Page to Your Site

Let your customers know that you install the Aprilaire Healthy Air System and can reduce airborne viruses and contaminants in their homes. Copy the HTML code below into your website publishing platform to add a pre-built landing page to your site. Link to this page from your social channels to generate leads and bring Healthy Air to more homes in your area.

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How To Put Aprilaire Content on Your Website

Healthy Air System Webinars

This Fall and Winter, learn about all of the sales tools and assets available to you to help you promote the Healthy Air System, now and all year round.




Check back at the beginning of the campaign to sign up for our Webinars.

Sales Tools

Consumer Brochure


Introduce homeowners to the 3-part Aprilaire Healthy Air System™ and how it works to reduce airborne viruses in the home. Includes a quote form section for you to provide offers while selling.



Get the word out to your customers that you can reduce airborne virus in their homes today. Customizable with your company’s name and contact info, as well as two coupons.

Quote Form

Build and quote the Aprilaire Healthy Air System™ for every home. Includes health benefits of installing Healthy Air System components, as well as spaces for you to write in specific model numbers and prices for each product.


Sell Sheet

Use this sell sheet to present your customers with all of the components of the Healthy Air System and what they can do to improve the quality of air inside their homes.

Promotional Videos

Share our videos and use them to show your customers how the Healthy Air System can improve the air in their homes.

Download Your Digital Content

We have Heathy Air System content for you to share with your customer base across various social media platforms. Click below to download the copy and images and start posting today.

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Healthy Air System 2
Healthy Air System 3
Healthy Air System Social Post

Because we don’t need to remember to breathe, we often forget what lingers in our air—allergens, viruses, mold, and more. Our homes can be up to 5x more polluted than the air outdoors, which is why fresh air ventilation, air purification, and humidity control is so important.


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Healthy Air System Social Post

Gain peace of mind with the Aprilaire Healthy Air System™. You not only get award-winning fresh air ventilation, air purification, and humidity control...you can also feel safe knowing the Healthy Air in your home is protected by a generous five-year warranty.


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Healthy Air System Social Post

Made here in the USA, the Aprilaire Healthy Air System™ is your one-stop, all-purpose investment toward a greater quality of life.


•Replaces polluted indoor air with fresh, outdoor air

•Removes up to 96% of the virus-sized particles passing through the filtering system

•Allows for customized humidity controls based on your climate



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