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The Best Way to Join

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When you register, it is important to register correctly so we can get your join form processed quickly and efficiently. If not, there may be delays in your registration.Any questions?  Contact partners@aprilaire.com





New Account

Sign up through the join form normally. It will take about 48-72 hours to gain access to literature ordering and the Healthy Home App.

Primary User Already in Place

Contact the primary user so they can add you to the account as an associate. Once they are added, you will have immediate access to the Aprilaire Partners program.

Outdated Primary User

If your company has an old primary user, contact partners@aprilaire.com so we can update the account. 


If you have any questions about the registration process, like if your company already has an account or primary user, please contact partners@aprilaire.com. Primary users can be updated, as needed.



Primary User

Primary users control all aspects of the company within the Aprilaire database. They can order literature and add/remove associate users. At higher levels, this user has access to Co-op, Sales Leads, and the company’s locator listing.  This user should be someone who will be accessing your company’s information most often like an owner, president, or director.

Associate Users

Associate users have access to the same information as primary users, but do not have control over updating account information. This user can order literature. At higher levels, the associate user can access sales leads and provide follow-up. Associate users are usually technicians, sales associates, care coordinators, and managers.