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Introducing the Aprilaire Model 300 Standalone Humidifier

Bring humidity control to more homes with the quieter, higher-capacity Model 300.




Model 300 Humidifier

The Aprilaire Model 300 is our newest standalone evaporative humidifier and was designed to help contractors install effective humidity control solutions in homes without centralized HVAC systems. With the 300, you can now install an Aprilaire humidifier in any application.


Why install a Model 300?

Homeowners with baseboard heating, radiant heating, or other non-ducted HVAC systems commonly have to rely on portable humidifiers that require constant maintenance – refilling reservoirs, lots of manual adjustments with little consistency in the supply of humidity, and often times, no way to monitor indoor relative humidity. With the new Aprilaire Model 300, all of those issues go away.

Installing the Model 300 means connecting to the water supply as well as to the included Model 65 Humidifier Control – or to an Aprilaire IAQ Thermostat. One simple install is all it takes to remove the hassle of maintaining portable units and provide customers with a steady flow of Healthy Humidity throughout their homes.

Additional Features

- 30% more capacity than previous standalone evaporative Aprilaire humidifiers.

Quiet operation – 49 dBA when installed with flex duct

- Easy water panel replacement accessible underneath the unit

- Simple between- or below-joist installation for versatile placement

Introducing the Aprilaire Model 300
Whole-Home Humidifier

No matter the size of the home or type of heating system, Aprilaire has the right humidifier for every application to make customers' homes healthier and more comfortable.


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