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Ensure reliable control of heating, cooling, and IAQ systems for your customer. Learn more in the home automation product guide

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Benefits of AprilAire

    • Standalone Operation - Our Wi-Fi Automation Thermostats meet your consumers’ most important need: continual control of the home’s HVAC system. Firmware upgrades will not impact how the thermostat controls the heating and cooling systems, or interfere with custom installer settings.
    • Local Internal Network Communications - AprilAire Thermostats communicate directly with the home automation system, so you can rest assured your customer’s HVAC system will continue to function regardless of the status of the internet or local network connections.
    • Works With All Control Companies - Our line of thermostats support virtually all control systems, making any potential system transitions smooth and painless.

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AprilAire also has solutions for standalone HVAC automation systems that can help save on energy costs in large buildings like churches, schools and offices. Includes a web-based interface, e-mail alerts, and requires no programming.


For install guides, spec sheets, and owner’s manuals, visit the Technical Information page.