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Wi-Fi Thermostat


Our Wi-Fi thermostats offer the ultimate in energy savings and convenience with intuitive program setup and adjustments.

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Benefits of Wi-Fi Thermostats

AprilAire Wi-Fi Thermostats with IAQ control provide homeowners the ability to manage all configurations of heating/cooling and IAQ accessories including humidifier, dehumidifier, air cleaner and ventilator from a single, intuitive Wi-Fi thermostat and app.

Our Wi-Fi thermostats also offer the ultimate in energy savings and convenience with intuitive program setup and adjustments.

Industry-exclusive Features

  • Event-Based™ Air Cleaning and Fresh Air Ventilation
  • Temperature overrides for instant comfort ("Heat Blast") and maximum energy savings ("Away")
  • 3-Day weather forecast with pollen and mold levels
  • "Product not installed" screens suggest IAQ upgrades, promoting additional revenue
  • Automatic humidifier and dehumidifier control
  • Easy-to-access navigation: in-app navigation bar shows all control options and status of equipment

Healthy Home Temperature Control Video

For model specific details, install guides, spec sheets and owner’s manuals, visit the Technical Information page.

AprilAire Wi-Fi IAQ Control

AprilAire Wi-Fi Thermostats give your customers the ability to control comfort, health and preservation of the home from a single mobile device - anywhere, anytime.

Temperature and Energy Savings

To control of temperature from anywhere, the AprilAire scheduling and program over-ride features allow customer to realize actual energy savings with minimal effort. The accessible, simple-to-use interface makes confusing programming a thing of the past.

Air Purity

The air customers breathe inside their homes can be the most polluted they're surrounded by all day. People who suffer from allergies and asthma will benefit greatly from the ability to control air cleaning from anywhere. Event-Based™ feature makes controlling air purity as simple as tapping a button (or screen).





Exclusive 3-day forecast with pollen and mold levels. This provides consumers the information they need to determine the best clean air event or mode for their home.


Too much or too little humidity plays a big role in the comfort and health your customers experience inside their homes. Verifying and controlling humidity levels inside is required by many customers.

Automatic Humidifier Control

Continuously monitors outdoor temperature while automatically adjusting the humidifier to provide optimum RH levels inside the home. Manual control is also available, if needed.

Automatic Dehumidifier Control

Automatically turns on the dehumidifier based on outdoor relative humidity. It couldn't be simpler.


Fresh Air Ventilation

It is a requirement in many new, tightly-built homes that fresh air from the outside be ventilated indoors. To meet this new need for fresh air ventilation, all AprilAire Ventilation controls are designed to satisfy ASHRAE 62.2 - 2010 requirements. Simply set the parameters and the control will ventilate the proper amount of air. Event-Based™ Ventilation is also available for customers who want additional fresh air for circumstances such as cooking.