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AprilAire AUV24V

The AUV24V UVC Coil Cleaner captures airborne viruses, bacteria, mold spores, and germs on the A-coil.

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Why Install UVC?

A “dirty” coil is the result of mold and bio-film coating the coil, acting as an adhesive that attracts dirt and biological contaminants. This bio-film insulates the coil impeding heat/cool transfer efficiency by as much as 15%. In addition, the accumulated bio-film restricts air flow, increasing the fan pressure or pressure drop across the coil.


A UVC lamp system installed on the coil continuously cleans the coil with germicidal UVC light, preventing and destroying mold and bio-film build-up. This results in a clean and efficient system free from mold, and germs.


Kill up to 99.9% of Mold on Coils

Testing performed on Aspergillus niger mold spores in a sheet metal duct with a new bulb placed 18 inches from the surface.

When installing the UV lamp in an air handler, position a single lamp off-center to avoid interference with the blower. Or if installing on the front face of the unit, install (2) UV lamps on either side of the A-coil.

 AUV24V Installation Options

Why Homeowners Appreciate UVC

When a UVC Coil Cleaner is installed, what you're providing homeowners first and foremost is Healthy Air. By killing the mold and other elements of the bio-film that can grow on their A/C coil, you're preventing that from mixing into their home's air and causing illnesses and symptoms to arise.


In addition, UVC Coil Cleaners keep systems running efficiently and save them money in the long run by removing the need for their coils to be cleaned periodically, further keeping their air clean.

Easy Installation

AprilAire UVC Coil Cleaners come with external and internal mounting options - both of which are easy and require only a few install steps. Watch this video to see a complete UVC Coil Cleaner installation.

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