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Basement Encapsulation with Hydrohero Robert Keefer

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We were lucky enough to have Moisture Control and Mold Remediation Specialist Robert Keefer of Hydrohero Systems visit us recently at our plant in Poynette, WI. Based in Frankford, Deleware, Hydrohero performs a wide variety of services within the basement and crawl space world: mold remediation, crawl space encapsulation, basement waterproofing, and more.

Like all businesses, getting started can be an uphill battle. If something’s not working right along the way, that can make or break your entire business. For Robert and Hydrohero, that component was the dehumidifiers they were installing.

“We did choose some other [dehumidifiers] when we first started our company in 2015 and we consistently saw issues with our installs and we had to pull those out and replace them. […] So I called a buddy down in South Carolina that had had some experience with AprilAire. He had told me that I should really consider them. So, he guaranteed me they’d been using AprilAire forever and absolutely stands behind them. So we turned around and said, ‘Okay, we’re gonna try these out.’ We replaced them all with AprilAire 1850s in this community, and here we are…4 years later now and there’s not been any issues. We have one of the best reputations in encapsulations in the entire country now, and AprilAire is part of that success story for us.”

Robert has experienced such success with AprilAire dehumidifiers that he recommends them to HVAC contractors when they’re on calls that require them to be in basements and crawl spaces.

“A lot of them simply can’t solve the problem because they don’t have the right tools. We’re finding out that many HVAC contractors aren’t carrying hygrometers. So when they call us, we turn around and talk to them about installing a whole-house dehumidifier and it just kind of blows our mind more and more HVAC companies don’t really understand how necessary a dehumidifier is to put in line with their HVAC system and dehumidify the entire living space.”

Whether your business’ focus lies below the grade or above it, a whole-home dehumidifier has positive impacts on your customers’ indoor air and your bottom line. If you aren’t controlling the relative humidity in any part of the home, you’re going to have fungal amplification, bacteria formation, and dust mite proliferation. Using an AprilAire dehumidifier to set the relative humidity to 60% curbs mold and bacteria growth, while setting it at 50% curbs dust mites, which in turn alleviates allergies and their symptoms.

For contractors starting out, Robert offers these tips and tricks on making dehumidifiers integral to their businesses’ success.

“I would make sure that I’m always recommending that you have a dehumidifier if you’re in a humid climate… and that you have something monitoring the humidity 24/7. And that’s going to take care of the majority of your problems.

The number one reason [homeowners don’t buy a dehumidifier] is that they’re simply not being told about dehumidifiers and dehumidification… it’s not about price – it’s about selling the product that solves the problem.”

Thanks to Robert for visiting our production facilities! Check his business out at, as well as on Facebook and YouTube.

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Encapsulation of a Basement and Crawl Space

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Summer is here. Temperatures are soaring across the country. That is bad news for your customer’s basement and crawl space. Warmer air means higher moisture. That could mean more pests, mold, mildew, and an increase in airborne viruses. Poor air quality in the basement or crawl space will spread to the rest of the house. To maintain a healthy home, it is imperative to keep the air in the basement and crawl space healthy. Pairing the encapsulation of a basement or crawlspace with an AprilAire Dehumidifier is the easiest way to prevent and reduce moisture.


Encapsulation & ASHRAE

ASHRAE recommends maintaining relative humidity between 30-60 percent.


Encapsulation can reduce moisture build-up by about 80 percent. Placing a vapor barrier alongside the basement or crawlspace is a great start to reaching that ASHRAE recommendation. An AprilAire Dehumidifier is the final step to maintaining healthy air.


1870 Dehumidifier Honored by Energy Star

With an easy-to-read digital display, a five-year warranty, and simple installation, it is an easy sell. Energy Star® also recently named the 1870 Dehumidifier Energy Star’s Most Efficient Dehumidifier 2020 making it the first whole-home dehumidifier to earn that distinction.


According to ENERGY STAR, the Most Efficient 2020 distinction “recognizes products that deliver cutting edge energy efficiency along with the latest in technological innovation. It is an award that truly represents the best of ENERGY STAR.”


More Resources for Encapsulation

To see other benefits and the installation of encapsulation and AprilAire Dehumidifier installation, watch the video above. Or sign-up for various Healthy Humidity webinars to stay current on best practices, selling tips, and other benefits for installing AprilAire Dehumidifiers.

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ENERGY STAR® Certified Products Offer Rebates

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Energy costs are rising. For most homeowners, this is not breaking news since energy costs have been consistently on the rise. As a contractor, you can do something for your clients to subside this issue with the help of ENERGY STAR®.


ENERGY STAR® Incentivizes Purchases


This year, ENERGY STAR®, the leading organization for energy efficiency and innovation, certified several of our products. The 1870 and both the 8144NC and 8145 Ventilation Systems were certified as Most Efficient 2020. The 1870 is the first whole-home dehumidifier to be awarded as Most Efficient.


Beyond recognizing and rewarding energy-efficiency, the ENERGY STAR® website houses rebates and incentives offered by 800 different energy companies throughout the United States. You can search the database by zip code or product to see the different rebates and incentives offered for ENERGY STAR® products in your area.


This database extends beyond AprilAire products and includes all other ENERGY STAR®  registered HVAC products.


You can also use the website to compare ENERGY STAR® products to show the customer that you are providing them with the most energy-efficient product across all of your offerings. This can be done in-home or virtually.


These selling tools can be used to help sway customers to purchase efficient products. Not only are you providing your clients with healthier air, but you are also providing them savings. Residential energy usage is bound to go up as more people are staying home and are relying more heavily on electronic products to occupy their time.


Investment in Energy-Efficiency


Energy companies invested $8 billion in incentives for ENERGY STAR® products and independently these products saved homeowners $35B in energy costs.


Pushing consumers toward more energy-efficient products helps lessen energy consumption so these energy providers do not have to build more expensive infrastructure.


It is worth contacting different energy companies in your area to see if other incentives and rebates are available for other AprilAire products like our smart home thermostats, humidifiers, zoning panels, and our air filters. Energy companies want to provide consumers with more efficient products and are willing to use incentives to increase these purchases.


About AprilAire Products


For more information about AprilAire products and all the other awards they have won, please view our awards page.


Make sure you contact an AprilAire distributor so you can offer AprilAire products to your customers to help them save money and breathe healthier air.

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An Update on Indoor Air Quality from the Project Sustainability Podcast

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As a contractor, you know that Indoor Air Quality is a hot topic these days. With more and more people spending time indoors, it is becoming increasingly important to ensure that the air inside homes and businesses for your customers is as clean as possible. The Project Sustainability Podcast is here to help.


Hosted by a team of experts in sustainability and environmentalism, the Project Sustainability Podcast aims to educate and entertain listeners about a wide range of topics related to the environment. Their episode, “An Update on Indoor Air Quality,” features AprilAire Senior Training and Development Manager of AprilAire Academy Chris Howells participating in a discussion on the many factors that can affect the air quality inside our homes and buildings.


From volatile organic compounds to particulate matter to the impact of the air in the home on your customers’ pets, Chris and Project Sustainability’s Peggy Smedley cover a broad range of information and provide an engaging, enjoyable conversation on environmental issues and Indoor Air Quality.


This episode offers valuable insights into how you can continue to improve the air quality in your customers’ homes as well as practical tips for choosing the right air cleaner for different spaces and advice on how to improve ventilation and humidity control. Chris also emphasizes the importance of taking a holistic approach to Indoor Air Quality—there is no one-size-fits-all solution, and a combination of different strategies may be needed depending on the specific circumstances of the home and its location. For contractors, this is an important reminder that improving Indoor Air Quality requires a nuanced understanding of the unique needs of each client.


Tune in for a resource to stay informed on the latest trends and best practices in Indoor Air Quality plus the impact on the HVAC industry. If you are looking to stay ahead of the curve and provide the best possible service to your clients, give the Project Sustainability Podcast a listen today.


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Indiana-Based Acculevel’s Quality People and Partners Provide Recipe for Success

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Foundation repair and waterproofing company, Acculevel, is in demand and shows no sign of slowing down. Founded in 1996, the company has earned a reputation of trust by being honest and transparent with customers while providing the highest quality work and customer service in the industry. This reputation has spurred rapid growth, so much in fact, that Acculevel is currently building a new facility that will triple their capacity.

Acculevel’s Focus is on Family and Culture

Acculevel is a family-run business as founder Andy Beery works alongside his sons Neil and Nolan who handle operations and sales. Together, they have built a strong culture focused on helping people. “We’ve really focused the culture of our company and the great people and talent we have on just truly helping people,” says Operations Manager, Neil Beery. “That growth – that culture has really made a massive impact on what we do.”

Utilizing the best products is another key to Acculevel’s success. It’s no coincidence that homeowners think highly of the company as the solutions they provide stand the test of time, something that can’t be said about the work of all contractors in the industry. They proudly use AprilAire Dehumidifiers on their encapsulation jobs. “In our opinion, AprilAire is the top-of-the-line product, so there’s nowhere else to go in order to improve,” says President, Andy Beery.

Nash Distribution Provides Quality Products for Acculevel

With rapid growth also comes the need to have the tools and materials at the ready to complete the work without building a backlog. That’s where Acculevel’s partnership with Nash Distribution and AprilAire really shines. In a time of almost constant supply chain disruption, Nash Distribution prides itself on having the products their partners need, when they need them. That, in combination with AprilAire’s U.S. manufacturing, ensures Acculevel gets the quality products they expect delivered on time.

Acculevel’s dedication to customer service and providing real solutions has made for an ideal partnership with AprilAire. “We’ve exclusively used AprilAire for years – they are excellent products and our customers are extremely satisfied with their performance,” Andy Beery said.

Most any business, regardless of industry, can learn from Acculevel’s model of aligning with like-minded partners, providing a premium service and focusing on solutions that benefit the customer. Encompassing these characteristics into your business will you take you to the next level by creating an army of satisfied customers that will market your services via word of mouth and drive leads your way, saving your marketing dollars and the time of your sales force.

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AprilAire, the Leader in Healthy Air Solutions, Reduces by 66% Environmental Impact of Dehumidifiers

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MADISON, Wis. (March 25, 2024) – AprilAire, the leader in whole-house Healthy Air solutions, announces it is once again advancing its Dehumidifier lineup to be more intuitive, easy to connect, simple to use and maintain, and environmentally friendly.


Customers fuel the AprilAire passion to continually raise the bar. In 2024, AprilAire is excited to phase in the following new features and benefits to its market-leading Dehumidifier product offering:


First, and most significantly, AprilAire is upgrading the refrigerant in its Dehumidifiers to reduce by 66% the Global Warming Potential (GWP) of all the models in its lineup. The transition to R32 is underway and projected to wrap up across the full product line by year-end.


Look for this seal on AprilAire Dehumidifier packaging to indicate the product is more environmentally friendly and contains the refrigerant R32.



In addition, AprilAire continues to make its Dehumidifiers easier to use and maintain by eliminating the On/Off switch in non-hardwired models, as well as introducing a new, tool-less filter door in the E080 and E100 models.


“Customers will continue to experience the same superior product performance and reliability they have come to expect from AprilAire Dehumidifiers. By providing a more environmentally friendly product, we strengthen our brand leverage in the whole-home category and retain our position as the leader in delivering best-in-class Healthy Air solutions to dehumidify homes,” said Katie Zagorski, AprilAire Senior Product Manager, Dehumidification.


About AprilAire


AprilAire is on a mission to make homes healthy. We believe everyone deserves Healthy Air and envision a future with Healthy Air in every home. Headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin since 1954, AprilAire has been creating and delivering Healthy Air solutions to manage air purity, humidity, fresh air supply, temperature, and mitigate radon and viruses in all types of homes, and all environments. We have an unparalleled reputation as the brand of choice among tens of thousands of professional contractors and make a Healthy Air difference in the lives of the millions of families who rely on our products every day. To learn how to turn a house into a Healthy Home with the AprilAire Healthy Air System® visit