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Vincent Heating & Plumbing Defies Marketing Trends; Knows what WORKS.

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Welcome back to Partner ProTalk, HVAC-ers. This month, we’re profiling another dealer that we felt was worth spotlighting – Vincent Heating and Plumbing in Port Huron, MI. Daniel Squires at Vincent is proof that knowing your audience and your success often means using marketing tools that have long since been rejected by your competitors.

“Print is Dead! Direct Mail Is So Last Century!”

Online banner ads, email newsletters, digital content marketing, Facebook ads, Pay-Per-Click, SEO, SEM. The surge to digital marketing is real. And huge. Real huge. There are so many elements to advertising and marketing online, and so much buzz about where our consumer audiences are getting their information, that some businesses are reducing their investment in, or in some cases, abandoning traditional media altogether.

Big mistake! Nothing beats a hard copy ad to reinforce what you do online. And advertising on local TV news or radio, especially for a local service business, is great for repeating your message to the same viewers or listeners, because they tend to “tune in” at the same time and place every day. Peppering the neighborhoods where you do work with yard signs and door hangers sends a message to the same demographic where there is often a similar need. You’re replacing a furnace in one neighborhood, chances are good there are others in the area with the same need.

Case in point: Daniel Squires, President of Vincent Heating and Plumbing in Port Huron, MI swears by the monthly printed newsletter he sends to customers 11 months of the year. That’s right. EVERY MONTH – except for a combined December and January Holiday Issue – he creates and sends a printed newsletter! Old school? Maybe. Why does he bother with the time and expense? Because it WORKS!

“The newsletter has done more to brand me and my business than just about anything”, Daniel explains. “When I see customers at events, home shows, or in their homes, they often mention something they’ve seen in the newsletter. They actually look forward to getting it! They know me and my business better because of that newsletter”.

Daniel stresses that the content in the newsletter is not overly product- or sales-focused. “I have a pretty standard formula: I lead off with a personal article called ‘Through My Eyes’. I also include a technical article that combines technical information, maintenance tips and industry trends that homeowners can use to keep their house efficient and comfortable. I add customer testimonials along with some fun (clean) humor, human interest, and puzzles to keep readers engaged.”

“The ‘secret sauce’, though, is my ‘Through My Eyes’ article where I relate things that are going on in my life, personal or business, and I am very transparent about it. As I do this. I am sharing my values and I always tie it in to the business to leave my customers thinking ‘I’m glad I’m doing business with Vincent’s Heating & Plumbing.’  The reason it works? – people like doing business with people like them and that they know and like.  One month I shared that I had undergone a cardiac ablation medical procedure and I got Get Well cards from customers.”

“Before I started doing this, the ‘voice’ of the company were the customer service reps who answered the phone, and the ‘face’ of the company [was] my techs that visited our customers’ homes.  ‘Through My Eyes’ has put me out front and now when customers call, it’s like they know me. The bottom line is that it has helped me and the company develop credibility and trust with our customers.”

“Finally, we don’t include ads in the newsletter itself other than to mention brands that we recommend. Honestly, this is for co-op. But recently, I started inserting flyers which do contain promotions. This has been very successful. For example, this year I started selling Aprilaire Dehumidifiers. In the July and August ‘Vincent’s News’, I included inserts promoting them, from which we have sold about a dozen with a week to go in the promotion. And we had never sold dehumidifiers before! The newsletter gives me the opportunity to actually make the product I am promoting part of the news instead of just being an ad.”

I asked Daniel why he printed and mailed a newsletter instead of, say, email. His answer: “Print media has ‘hang time’ that digital media can never compete with. How much email comes to your inbox every day that you never open? People get enough emails. Way too many. They’re burned out. There’s a place for email, but you have to mix it up. People still like the hard copy approach”.

“Hey, I still get phone calls from Yellow Pages,” Daniel continues. “And now, since so many businesses have abandoned ‘the books’, there is less competition and it cost less. Not going to apologize. It works and I have data to prove it. I use tracking numbers and every year I measure and justify my yellow page spend with my return on investment, both in terms of revenue from first-time customers and revenue from previous customers that call.  We like to think that existing customers know us and will call us from the equipment sticker or a previous job invoice.  But since these customers called me using a Yellow Pages tracking number, then if I hadn’t had a presence in the book, would they have called someone else instead?”

If you think the idea of sending a print newsletter or Yellow Pages ads is coming from an old-school guy who doesn’t embrace the new digital world because he just doesn’t “get it”, you would be dead wrong. Not only does Daniel preside over Vincent Heating and Plumbing, he is also co-owner of Online Access, an online service company that provides contractors with an entire suite of web marketing solutions. The company provides and manages websites and other online marketing tools for hundreds of HVAC contractors across the country. In fact, with the new Community Engagement System that Online Access developed and is releasing to all their contractor clients this Fall, Daniel had over 15% of his entire local market area engage with his website within two months during part of its testing. Sound old school to you? Me either.

You can view the previous newsletter issues online at https://www.vhpinc.com/gallery

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Aprilaire Imprinted Air Cleaners – Helping You Keep Your Customers for Life

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We’ve kicked off the Healthy Clean Air Campaign for Spring 2021 and we’re excited about all of the sales tools contractors and distributors can use to bring awareness to the benefits of ventilation and air cleaning. If you attended our kick-0ff webinar, you heard about all of these tools, as well as one of most popular and most effective offers — FREE air cleaner imprinting!

Since the dawn of HVAC marketing, one of the most effective tools for lead generation and customer retention has been adding your business’ sticker to every furnace or air handler you install. But all that is is just words on a sticker — maybe a small black and white logo, if you’re lucky.

When you sign up for Aprilaire Air Cleaner imprinting, you’re making your business known in a big way that you’re the one to call for all things Healthy Air — filter replacement, service, maintenance, etc. We take your business’ logo, create an artwork proof for you to approve, and then create a unique part number that you use to order your imprinted air cleaners every time.

And remember – there’s NO added cost per door for imprinting. It’s FREE. Simply place your order (see our online enrollment form for minimum order quantities) and we will ship your imprinted air cleaners to your warehouse or to your distributor of choice. Lead time is 15 business days after the order is processed.

Questions? Log in to or join Aprilaire Partners to contact your Aprilaire District Sales Manager or fill out our online Air Cleaner Imprinting Enrollment Form today. We’re looking forward to partnering with you to provide Healthy Clean Air and keep your customers for life.


Healthy Home

Healthy Air In The News – March 2021

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Healthy Air In The News is a collection of recently published articles and resources that we’ve found for you to share with your co-workers and customers. Help spread the message about what everyone can do to create Healthy Air!

MIT – COVID-19 Indoor Safety Guideline

This interesting new app from MIT researchers calculates safe occupancy levels and periods of exposure for indoor environments with the goal of limiting COVID-19 transmission. Taking into account room specifications, number of occupants and human behavior (e.g. speaking, exercising, use of a mask, etc.) the app provides a general safety guideline for people to follow. A great interactive tool you can share with customers anytime, but especially when promoting Effective Virus Protection with Aprilaire’s Healthy Air System!

Business Insider – Using a humidifier in your home this winter could lower the risk of coronavirus transmission and give your immune system a leg up

A great article from Business Insider provides insight into how humidity and temperature impact the spread of coronavirus along with why proper humidification is especially important during the winter. It also includes a conversation about how an indoor relative humidity range of 40-60% *provides an overall benefit to our immune systems. While the benefits of using a humidifier are highlighted, readers are also reminded that virus spread prevention is a multi-faceted approach. One that includes overall air quality control (e.g. ventilation, air filtration, etc.), proper hygiene, and mask use.

AARP – How To Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

A great resource to share with your customers, How To Improve Your Indoor Air Quality provides some great tips for homeowners to get them thinking about proper ventilation, air purification, radon, and mold/mildew prevention. This doesn’t just include the HVAC strategies that you, as contractors, know and promote so well. The article also talks about developing good habits like using ceiling fans and cleaning cooking vents on a regular basis to promote good ventilation.

*Aprilaire, in concordance with ASHRAE, recommends keeping indoor humidity levels between 30-60% to minimize virus survival rates.


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Why You Should Become an Aprilaire Healthy Air Partner

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Healthy Air Partners at Aprilaire enjoy more than just our IAQ products. They grow their businesses strong from having access to sales and technical training, business-building marketing programs, in-home selling tools, and much more. We are continuously developing and expanding these resources and programs because we can only be successful when our partners experience success. Here are some of the key benefits of becoming a Healthy Air Partner:


Training and Tools

Stay educated and competitive by taking advantage of our comprehensive offering of training resources. We offer sales and technical training videos for every product line that you can view and download directly from our site. In addition, sign up for upcoming live webinars and view recent recordings that focus on product technology, seasonal campaigns, social media marketing, and more. Our Partner Selling Tips section contains everything you need to sell, install and service Aprilaire products. We also offer brochures, quote forms, postcards, and more to support consumer education and in-home selling.


Literature Ordering –

Speaking of selling in the home, use the Partner Toolbox to order and customize Aprilaire sales and marketing tools, showroom displays, etc. with your own logo and contact information for FREE! Let us do the work for you when creating postcards, flyers, sell sheets, and more. Access the site from your Partner dashboard or click the ‘Order’ button when exploring Consumer Selling Tools or Partner Selling Tips pages on Aprilaire Partners.


Product Imprinting –

Have your logo, contact information, and/or unique call-to-action printed directly on the Aprilaire thermostats and air cleaners you sell. We offer several layout options for imprinted air cleaners. These are great sales tools to present to customers in the home, at home shows, and in your showroom.


Healthy Home App Access –

Our Healthy Home app is a must-have if you’re interested in selling and servicing IAQ solutions in the home. You can access technical manuals, in-home sales tools, homeowner presentations, and more. Enjoy the ease of being able to both view and share these resources directly from your mobile device. When you join as an Aprilaire Healthy Air Partner, you are automatically signed up for the app and will receive your login information in 1-2 days. Available in the Apple, Google, and Microsoft app stores (you can download it on every PC in your office, too!)


Product Campaign Content –

Our seasonal and year-round product campaigns are another great way you can grow your business. We offer social media marketing and sales tools, e-mail content, advertisements, and more that focus on specific aspects of indoor air quality that are perfect for selling the right solution at the right time of year.


Syndicated Pages –

Syndicated pages are a great opportunity to market the Aprilaire products you sell without having to worry about creating and managing web page content. You can embed a pre-built Aprilaire web page directly onto your site by simply copying and pasting the code that we provide. Use one of our pre-built pages or create and customize your own*. It’s such an easy way to educate your customers about Aprilaire products, and the best part is that we keep the content up-to-date and fresh just for you!


These are just the benefits you receive when you become an Aprilaire Healthy Air Partner. We also offer higher levels of membership in our partner program depending on whether you meet certain sales and training requirements. These levels come with additional benefits such as co-op advertising dollars, dealer locator access, and more. Contact your district sales manager today to find out how to become a Healthy Air Pro or Healthy Air Pro Preferred!


So, as you can see, there are many perks to be had when you sign up to become a Healthy Air Partner! What’s more, you can keep track of everything you are doing from your Partner Activity Dashboard. View your literature ordering and product imprinting history, training activity, program participation, and more from one central location. Join today and let us support your business!


*Access to customizable syndicated pages may be based on Partner level.