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Fall Campaign

Let your customers know that installing AprilAire Ventilation and Air Filtration reduces airborne viruses and contaminants in homes, providing Healthy Air.

Grow Your Customers' Sales With AprilAire Fresh Air Ventilation and Air Filtration

We have everything you need to help your customers install more AprilAire Fresh Air Ventilators and Air Cleaners: showroom displays and videos, digital assets, and more.


Tell your contractors about how they can promote Healthy Air to their customers this fall. View their version of the Fall Campaign here.


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Healthy Air Email Template

Use our ready-to-go email template to let your contractors know how they can grow their businesses.

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Download Your Social Content

Bring attention to the Healthy Air your business provides with the help of our Healthy Air social assets. Download everything you need—images, captions, and directions on how to execute your social media campaign.

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Download Your Digital Showroom Materials

Promote Healthy Air in your showroom with these short videos.

AprilAire Healthy Air System®
AprilAire Clean Air Pair
AprilAire S86 Thermostat
Healthy Air System®

Play this video on your in-store displays to show your customer the benefits of the AprilAire Healthy Air System®


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Play this video on your in-store displays to promote the new AprilAire UVC Coil Cleaner


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Use this video on your in-store displays to show customers that AprilAire Next-Gen Thermostats are easy to install, easy to set up, and easy to use.


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AprilAire Healthy Air System® Sales Sheet

Download this sales sheet to educate your contractors on how they can increase their revenue per household when they install the complete AprilAire Healthy Air System®.


Download Our Reference Tools


Air Cleaner Product Guide - View specs for our full air cleaner lineup and learn why you should install an AprilAire Air Cleaner on every job.

Ventilation Product Guide - View our ventilation lineup and see what solutions work best for your region of the country.

All Products Spec Guide - View our full AprilAire product offering and review each product’s specs and application guidance.


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