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Healthy Humidity Humidifier Install

Healthy Humidity

Provide humidity control to homes for healthier air this year.

Humidifier Sales Opportunities

With viruses becoming more prevalent throughout the fall and winter, humidifiers are able to help make the air inside of homes healthier. Check out our program details form to see how you can sell and install more humidifiers this season and create healthier air.

Healthy Air Pros Know: Humidity is Essential to Health

Check out our latest episode of Partner Pro Talk to see what health experts and pros everywhere have to say about humidity and its effects on virus reduction in the home. Use these talking points, and all of the great selling tools below, to quote, sell, and install more humidifiers this year. Now more than ever, homes need Healthy Humidity and Healthy Air!

Download Your Digital Content

Bring attention to the Healthy Air your business provides its customers with the help of our Healthy Humidity digital assets. Download everything you need — images, copy, and directions on how to execute your online campaigns so that you can focus on adding humidifiers to new homes all across your service area.

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Healthy Humidity Social Posts

Studies show viruses tend to thrive in dry air, which is why wintertime is synonymous with illness. With Aprilairewhole-home humidifiers—part of the Aprilaire Healthy Air System™—you can create an environment that’s great for your family...but not the flu


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Healthy Humidity Social

There’s something to be said about quality equipment made right here in America. Designed to create safe, humidified environments, Aprilaire whole-home humidifiers—part of the Aprilaire Healthy Air System™—can minimize the formation of viruses in your home.


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Healthy Humidity Social


Aprilaire whole-home humidifiers are a crucial part of the AprilaireHealthyAir System™ with customized humidity controls based on your climate.


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Upcoming Healthy Humidity Webinars

Attend our humidifier webinars to learn more about Healthy Humidity, and be sure to check back in for updates.


Healthy Humidity Sales Tools & Healthy Air System


Join us for an overview of the Healthy Humidity campaign's new sell sheet, digital marketing tools, and the hygrometer and moisture meter we offer. We'll also be covering the available tools and assets for the Aprilaire Healthy Air System...


Wednesday, Dec 09

09:00 - 09:45 AM CST

Upcoming Humidifier Sales Webinars

Attend our humidifier sales webinars to learn more about Healthy Humidity, and be sure to check back in for updates.




Check back at the beginning of the campaign to sign up for our Healthy Humidity Webinars.

In-Home Sales Tools

NEW! Relative Humidity & Viruses Flyer

Use this informational piece to discuss the importance of controlling humidity in the home for effective virus reduction.

All Seasons ASHRAE RH Chart

Take your psychrometer’s reading and use this chart to show a homeowner how their air quality would benefit from the addition of a humidifier. Watch this video to see how to use these tools together.

Healthy Humidity Flyer

Give your customers everything they need to make the decision to install a humidifier: product benefits, their home's relative humidity — there’s even a place to provide them with a limited time offer!

EMC Moisture Chart

Use this chart with your moisture meter to show customers the moisture levels in their home's wood. Watch this video to see how to use these tools together and increase your humidifier sales.


Measure the relative humidity in your customers’ homes to show them that adding a humidifier will keep their indoor air from drying out and becoming unhealthy. Available for order only.

Direct Mail

Offer Healthy Humidity to everyone on your mailing lists with this direct mail piece. Customize it with an offer to increase your sales and make more homes healthier and comfortable this season.

Moisture Meter

Use this tool to measure the amount of moisture in your customers’ wood floors and furnishings. Installing a humidifier in a home prevents wood from cracking and warping. Available for order only.

Door Hanger

Canvassing your service area? Leave these on your future customers’ doors to tell them that you can bring Healthy Humidity to their homes. Customize this piece with introductory offers too!

Download Our Reference Tools


Humidifier Product Guide (Form 252) - Humidifier Product Guide (Form 252) - Get information on Aprilaire’s full humidifier product line.

All Products Spec Guide (Form 2210) - This reference guide covers all Aprilaire Product lines.


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