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AprilAire S-Series Thermostats provide lasting peace-of-mind for contractors and homeowners alike: they are easy to install, easy to set up, and easy to use.

We know that the expertise of our HVAC distributor partners plays a crucial role in delivering Healthy Air in every home. We have everything you need to help your customers install more AprilAire Thermostats. 

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ENERGY STAR® Certified

S86WMUPR Wi-Fi Programmable Thermostat

This thermostat takes Healthy Air control to a whole new level. Monitoring and controlling Indoor Air Quality is a breeze with features like automatic humidifier and dehumidifier control, automatic air cleaning, and temperature control. And with the AprilAire Healthy Air App, homeowners can achieve control from the palm of their hand, no matter where they are.

Wireless Sensors

Our new wireless sensors help bring greater temperature and humidity control to the S86WMUPR Wi-Fi Thermostat. Sensor averaging helps reduce hot and cold spots in homes, and sensor-controlled scheduling helps tailor programmed schedules to specific parts of the house. View our spec sheet for more information.


Are your customers using the AprilAire Healthy Air App?

The AprilAire Healthy Air App works with AprilAire connected devices and provides your customers and their homeowners with a powerful level of control—no matter where they are. Along with a new look and feel, the Healthy Air App is more intuitive and more reliable than ever before. We’ve upgraded the app’s operating cloud to ensure better connection and operation.


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Next-Generation Thermostats from AprilAire are here! 🌡️ With an easy-to-read display and modern-design aesthetic, these thermostats will not only benefit your customers but your business too. You’ll find new features that make a difference—like basic and advanced HVAC installer settings for a more streamlined installation process, and a graphical display that offers larger text and improved readability.



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If your customers are looking for a modern thermostat that’s easy to use in their homes, then AprilAire Next-Generation Thermostats are exactly what you need. 🏠 These new thermostat models offer easy installation with basic and advanced settings, best-in-class schedule setup that will lead to fewer callbacks, and a graphical display with larger text and improved readability—making it easier for customers to navigate and understand!



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Experience a new way to monitor and control temperature with the AprilAire Next-Generation Thermostats. 🌡️ With new features like best-in-class schedule setup that will lead to fewer callbacks, a capacitive touch interface, and a graphical display that offers larger text and improved readability, these thermostats are exactly what you need to grow your business.



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AprilAire is always looking to the future—and the newest line of Next-Generation Thermostats is no exception. You’ll find three new models to offer your customers, with features like real language setup, air filter and HVAC service reminders, color graphical display, and the ability to control the thermostat remotely with the AprilAire Healthy Air App!



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Deliver enhanced Indoor Air Quality control with NEW AprilAire Wireless Sensors. Compatible with the AprilAire S86WMUPR Wi-Fi Thermostat, up to eight indoor sensors can communicate temperature and relative humidity, helping to reduce hot and cold spots in your customers’ homes. The outdoor sensor relays temperature to your customers’ thermostat for active control of their AprilAire Humidifier or Fresh Air Ventilator.




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