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Deliver effective and economical ventilation that satisfies building codes and requirements. Learn more in the ventilation product guide

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Energy Recovery Ventilator


Updated energy codes are putting ERV on the radar of high-volume builders. Provide the solution that balances the requirements of ventilation with home energy performance while helping preserve homeowners' health and comfort.


Ventilating Dehumidifier

E100V + 8190FF

This ventilating dehumidification solution features our newest, most energy-efficient dehumidifier (Model E100V) combined with our patented damper plenum (Model 8190FF). Together, they will help you bring in fresh air for effective virus protection.

ESME 2023

The E100V is recognized as ENERGY STAR® Most Efficient 2023.

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Benefits of AprilAire Ventilation Products

AprilAire’s line of ventilation products are designed to meet the most up-to-date energy codes and standards. The AprilAire full line includes Energy Recovery Ventilators, Fresh Air Intake Ventilation, Ventilating Dehumidifiers, and Ventilation Control. Learn about complete product offering and relevant applications in our Ventilation Product Guide. For install guides, spec sheets, and owner’s manuals, visit the Technical Information Page.

AprilAire delivers industry-leading, whole-home solutions for ventilation by combining effective air delivery methods, convenient controls, and geographic considerations into our products. With the proper application of whole-home ventilation solutions, contractors can eliminate the health and safety concerns of tight homes, such as those identified by the Environmental Protection Agency. AprilAire and its partners deliver effective and economical ventilation that satisfies building codes and requirements.

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Meets Residential New Construction Code Requirements

  • ASHRAE 62.2 
  • EPA Indoor airPLUS, Version 1
  • 2012 International Residential Code (IRC)
  • 2012 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC)
  • California Energy Commission Title 24

Industry-Leading Product Portfolio

  • Ventilation Control – Utilizes negative pressure to deliver fresh air at a low cost
  • Fresh Air Intake Ventilation – Guaranteed CFM delivery
  • Ventilating Dehumidifiers – Dehumidify the whole home and the air brought into the home with fresh ventilation
  • ERV – Balanced ventilation with energy savings

Existing Home – Retrofit Applications

  • Maintain effective virus protection when used as part of the AprilAire Healthy Air System®
  • Remove excess moisture
  • Dilute VOCs

Solutions for Every Climate Zone

Managing the quality of ventilated air delivered into the home is critical to providing a healthy indoor environment. Regional climate - as well as time of year - significantly impacts the quality of indoor air and creates different requirements for improving it. AprilAire Ventilation works with the HVAC equipment to remove moisture, harmful particulates, and other contaminants such as VOCs. This ensures indoor air is fresher and is delivered economically and effectively. It’s critical to use adequate ventilation controls and application guidance to properly ventilate rather than simply pulling air through walls with local exhaust ventilation equipment. View our Ventilation Product Guide for more detailed information on ventilation solutions and climate considerations.

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Balanced Ventilation Control

AprilAire Ventilation Control strategies manage ventilated air based on its temperature and relative humidity. In all applications, the air is delivered to ASHRAE Standards 62.2-2010 ventilation requirements and 2.8 CFM/watt fan efficacy.