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Healthy Clean Air 2021

Healthy Clean Air

Provide Healthy Clean Air and install Aprilaire Ventilation and Air Filtration to reduce airborne viruses and contaminants in customers' homes.

Provide Customers with Healthy Clean Air

A major component of Healthy Clean Air is Effective Virus Protection. Installing ventilation and high-efficiency air filtration minimizes airborne viruses and other pollutants in your customers' homes. We have everything you need to help you this spring: digital media assets for your social and email presence, in-home sales tools, direct mail, consumer brochures, and more.

Healthy Clean Air Email Template

Use our ready-to-go Healthy Clean Air email template to let your customers know that you have the ventilation and air filtration they need to minimize airborne viruses in their homes.

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01 - Aprilaire Healthy Clean Air Email

Add a Healthy Clean Air Landing Page to Your Site

Help customers start fresh with Aprilaire's fresh air ventilator and whole-home air purifier. These systems can dilute stale odors and other airborne contaminants to breathe life and improve wellness within the home. Copy the HTML code below into your website publishing platform to add a pre-built landing page to your site. Link to this page from your social channels to generate leads and bring Healthy Clean Air to more homes in your area.





Download Your Digital Content

Bring attention to the healthy air your business provides with the help of our Healthy Clean Air digital assets. Download everything you need — images, copy, and directions on how to execute your online campaign.

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Start fresh this spring with a renewed sense of optimism. Take back control of your life with Healthy Clean Air.

Contact us today to learn how Aprilaire whole-home fresh air ventilation and air filtration can help you breathe easy.


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“These uncertain times” is so 2020. It’s time to start fresh. Trust with certainty that your home is protected from viruses with whole-home fresh air ventilation and air filtration by Aprilaire.

Contact us today to talk about Healthy Clean Air


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Filling your home with Healthy Clean Air not only alleviates allergies, it’s also been shown to improve brain function and lower stress levels.

Now that your home has become an office as well as a classroom, contact us to start fresh with Aprilaire whole-home fresh air ventilation and air filtration


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Free Healthy Clean Air Webinars

Sign up to watch the latest marketing webinars to learn more about Healthy Clean Air and all of the campaign tools available to you.




Check back at the beginning of the campaign to sign up for our Healthy Humidity Webinars.

NEW! Healthy Air Coloring Book

Show your customers you're a trusted Healthy Air Hero. Include this customizable, limited-edition coloring book as a leave-behind for families asking about Healthy Air. Get yours today.

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In-Home Sales Tools

Maintenance Reminder Post Card

Offer Healthy Clean Air to everyone on your mailing lists with this direct mail piece. Customize it to let people know that changing out a filter on a standard maintenance schedule will take care of their home’s specific air purity problems.


Healthy Clean Air Print Ads

Available in multiple sizes, we have Healthy Clean Air prints ads for you to customize and send off to your local outlets.

Air Purity Consumer Brochure

Just starting the conversation about air purity with new or existing customers? Use this brochure to help homeowners identify their indoor air’s problems and show how Aprilaire Air Cleaners and Filters will help. 


Filter Lineup Sell Sheet

Your customers have specific air purity problems and you have a wide range of filters to help them breathe healthier, cleaner air. Use the sheet to show them how you can help them by installing the right filter.

Download Our Reference Tools


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