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Healthy Clean Air

Install Aprilaire Air Cleaners on every system to reduce viruses, contaminants and odors in customers’ homes and provide healthy air.

Provide Customers with Healthy, Clean Air

Installing air cleaners on every job not only protects the systems you install and service, but allows you to solve homeowners’ varying air purity problems by offering the right filter. We have everything you need to help you install more air cleaners: digital media assets for your social presence, in-home sales tools, direct mail, consumer brochures, and more.

Download Your Digital Content

Bring attention to the healthy air your business provides its customers with the help of our Healthy Clean Air digital assets. Download everything you need — images, copy, and directions on how to execute your online campaigns so that you can focus on adding air cleaners to new homes all across your service area.

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Let’s clear the air. Seasonal allergies may be the least of your concerns this spring. Rid your home of dust mites, mold spores, viruses and more.


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Clean air is Healthy Air, pure and simple. Clear unwanted allergens, dust mites, mold spores, and more from your home.

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It’s that time of year again! Allergy season. Let’s clear the air.

Contact us to learn more about Aprilaire whole-home purifiers, part of the Healthy Air System, so you can breathe Healthy Clean Air today: Insert dealer website, email address or phone number here. 



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Free Healthy Clean Air Webinars

Sign up to watch the latest air cleaner webinars to learn more about Healthy Clean Air, and be sure to check back in for updates.




Check back at the beginning of the campaign to sign up for our Healthy Humidity Webinars.

In-Home Sales Tools

Air Purity Consumer Brochure

Just starting the conversation about air purity with new or existing customers? Use this brochure to help homeowners identify their indoor air’s problems and show how Aprilaire Air Cleaners and filters will help. 


Maintenance Reminder Post Card

Offer Healthy Clean Air to everyone on your mailing lists with this direct mail piece. Customize it to let people know that changing out a filter on a standard maintenance schedule will take care of their home’s specific air purity problems.


Filter Lineup Sell Sheet

Your customers have specific air purity problems and you have a wide range of filters to help them breathe healthier, cleaner air. Use the sheet to show them how you can help them by installing the right filter.

Download Our Reference Tools


Air Cleaner Product Guide - View specs for our complete air cleaner lineup and learn why you should install an Aprilaire Air Cleaner on every job.

All Products Spec Guide - View our full Aprilaire Product offering and review each product’s specs and application guidance.

Air Cleaner Replacement Filter Lineup Sell Sheet - See what filtration options you can offer to homeowners during maintenance visits.

Odor Reduction Filter Sell Sheet - Learn more about our Odor Reduction MERV 13 filters with activated carbon.

Model 2516 MERV 16 Air Cleaner Sell Sheet - Check out our 2000 Series Air Cleaners with Allergy & Asthma MERV 16 filters.

Free Frame Offer - Fill out this form for Free Aprilaire Kit Rails and door frames so you can add Aprilaire Filters to homes with older Space-Gard filters or competitor's air cleaner cabinets!


Imprint Your Brand for Free

Our FREE imprinted air cleaner program adds your company’s logo and contact information on every Aprilaire air cleaner you purchase. Your logo will appear in full color and won’t scratch or fade away. If you’re committed to protecting every system you install and providing your customers with Healthy Clean Air, enroll today!


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