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Spring Campaign

Provide Healthy Air to your customers with AprilAire Fresh Air Ventilation and Air Filtration solutions.

Provide Your Customers With Healthy Air

With AprilAire, it's always Healthy Air season. Installing AprilAire Fresh Air Ventilation and Air Filtration solutions will allow you to turn your customers' homes into a safe haven—free from seasonal allergy triggers like pollen. We have everything you need to deliver this solution to your homeowners: digital media assets for your social and email presence, in-home sales tools, direct mail, consumer brochures, and more.


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Healthy Air Email Template

Use our ready-to-go Healthy Air email template to let your customers know that you have the Indoor Air Quality solutions they need for a Healthy Home environment.

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Download Your Social Content

Bring attention to the Healthy Air your business provides with the help of our Healthy Air social assets. Download everything you need—images, captions, and directions on how to execute your social media campaign.

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Spring Campaign-Post 1-Facebook & Instagram

From allergy season to muggy season, with home renovation season wedged in between, there doesn’t seem to be a time when you shouldn’t be concerned about the air you breathe. That’s where [Insert Company Name Here] comes in. As an @AprilAireCo Partner, we strive to provide our customers access to products that will fill your home with Healthy Air and lessen your concerns about your Indoor Air Quality. Because with AprilAire, it’s always Healthy Air season.




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Spring Campaign-Post 2-Facebook & Instagram

No matter your answer, the truth is that the air you breathe affects your health and your home—regardless of the time of year or season. Luckily, because [Insert Company Name Here] partners at @AprilAireCo, it’s always Healthy Air season. We can help you find the best Indoor Air Quality solutions that not only protect your family’s health but protect your home as well. 



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Spring Campaign-Post 3-Facebook & Instagram

Are you more concerned with outdoor allergens like pollen or indoor allergens like dust? . Luckily, no matter your answer, our partner @AprilAireCo has a solution just for you that will keep pesky allergens from invading your home and your life. With Healthy Air solutions like fresh air ventilation and air filtration, not only can we help improve the air you breathe now—but all year round too.



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Spring Campaign-Post 4-Facebook & Instagram

In honor of #HealthyAir, we’re celebrating all the different ways that breathing Healthy Air can benefit you! With @AprilAire Healthy Air solutions, you can improve productivity, prevent illness, protect your home, and more!


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Spring Campaign-Post 5-Facebook & Instagram


You’re considering home improvements this renovation season, but have you thought about improving the air you breathe? At [Insert Company Name Here], we have @AprilAire IAQ solutions to help you breathe easier and protect your home! 


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Healthy Air Coloring Book

Show your customers you're a trusted Healthy Air Hero. Include this customizable, limited-edition coloring book as a leave-behind for families asking about Healthy Air. Get yours today.

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Sales Tools

In-Home Sell Sheets

Whether you’re in the home, at home shows, or in your show room, offer our sell sheets to provide your customers with the most comprehensive list of AprilAire Healthy Air benefits.

Postcards & Door Hanger


Offer AprilAire Air Purifiers and Filters to everyone on your mailing lists with our postcards and door hanger. Add your logo, contact information, and special offers to get air filters into more homes this season.


Ventilation and Air Filtration Flyer

Just starting the conversation about Healthy Air with your customers? Use this flyer to show how AprilAire Fresh Air Ventilation and Air Filtration help protect against airborne viruses, mold spores, pet dander, and other allergens.

Filter Lineup Sell Sheet

Your customers have specific air purity problems and you can offer a wide range of AprilAire Air Filters to help them breathe healthier, cleaner air. Use the sheet to show them how you can help them by installing the right filter.

Download Our Reference Tools


Air Cleaner Product Guide - View specs for our complete air cleaner lineup and learn why you should install an AprilAire Air Cleaner on every job.

Ventilation Product Guide - View our ventilation lineup and see what solutions work best for your region of the country.

All Products Spec Guide - View our full AprilAire product offering and review each product’s specs and application guidance.


The AprilAire Healthy Air System®

Learn more about the AprilAire Healthy Air System®. Deliver all-in-one sensing, control, and mitigation to provide your customers with effective virus protection and year-round defense from allergens, mold spores, viruses, bacteria, pet dander, and other airborne contaminants.