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Corbett Lunsford from Home Diagnosis On IAQ

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Lunsford’s Advice For Creating A Healthy Home


We talked about creating a healthy home and much more with Corbett Lunsford, co-host of the public television series ‘Home Diagnosis,’ which focuses on the science of homes.


This article serves a great resource to inform your customer’s on the importance of reducing chemicals in the home. The challenges will be different depending on the age of the home. 


While buying an older, existing home presents its own air quality challenges, building a new home provides your customers with a chance to create their own unique space. 


Modern building techniques and materials make construction more efficient and less expensive, but some of them can emit pollutants into the air and introduce other potential air quality issues.


Lunsford and the zero-VOC home


“Every home is a chemical experiment at work,” said Corbett Lunsford. “Think of the home as a planet, with millions of microorganisms, an ecosystem that evolves as more things are added to it. Try to avoid bringing reactive things into the house and things that will “off-gas” over the long-term, like insulation or materials with flame retardants.” 


Lunsford reminds us that despite your customer’s best efforts, it is impossible to have a zero-VOC home. 


“We’re always bringing chemicals and VOCs into the house with everyday activities like cooking and cleaning and breathing.”


Using the Aprilaire Healthy Air System™ helps keep those VOCs that Lunsford mentioned from accumulating in the customer’s homes. This multi-prong approach helps reduce the proliferation of VOCs, airborne viruses, odors, and other pollutants that can wreak havoc on a home’s indoor air quality. This approach uses humidity control, air filtration, and fresh air ventilation to address the multitude of problems faced by homeowners. 


Lunsford details all of the important steps homeowners can take, with your help, to keep their home’s ecosystem balanced. We detail the ways that Aprilaire can address those concerns presented by homeowners in both new and older homes. 


‘You Should Have A Dehumidifier’


  • “You should have a dehumidifier, even if you have a humidifier for the winter. What you want to do is control the humidity so you don’t grow mold.


Controlling humidity is a crucial component for controlling indoor air quality. ASHRAE recommends keeping a home’s humidity between 30-60 percent to the proliferation of a majority of issues like airborne viruses, pests, and mold. Aprilaire Humidifiers and Dehumidifiers feature an easy display panel to keep your  customer’s home comfortable. A humidifier and dehumidifier will also help protect important furnishings in the home from warping and rotting. This is especially key for older homes. 


Lunsford says Ventilation is Key


  • “If you have an outdoor air system that works, then things like chemicals and humidity won’t be as big of an issue.”


With newer homes, ventilation is key. Newer built homes are built tighter which is great for energy-efficiency, but the home traps in moisture and chemicals. An Aprilaire Ventilation system works to remove that moisture and chemical-filled air and replace it with fresh air from the outside. Our ventilation system filters and humidifies the outdoor air that it brings in too. 


Lunsford’s Healthy Home Advice for Kids


Keeping the air healthy is especially important for kids’ developing lungs. 


“If you’re seeking healthier indoor air, especially for developing kids, you need a MERV 13 filter,” Lunsford said. 


Constant exposure to air pollution can cause respiratory issues like asthma. 


“Carpets hold onto a lot of particles. Children spend the most time next to that flooring that may have harmful chemicals in it,” according to Lunsford.


Lunsford recommends using an air purifier to filter out those harmful particulates and replace those particulates with healthy air. Those particulates include asthma and allergy triggers, radon, and odors. 


While Lunsford recommends a MERV 13 Filter, Aprilaire offers a MERV 16 Filter which can be paired with several of our air purifiers to filter out those harmful particulates even better. Our Model 5000 Air purifier paired with our MERV 16 Air Filter offers superior protection to your customer’s HVAC system and filters out 98% of airborne particulates that trigger asthma. 


As Lunsford said, a home’s ecosystem is a balance. Provide resources below to your customers and let them know that Aprilaire has a multitude of products to help combat indoor air quality regardless of whether it’s a new home or an existing home. 


Corbett Lunsford’s Recommended Resources

The HOMEChem Experiment

A deep exploration into how indoor air chemical compounds interact and transform throughout a normal day of activities.

Six Classes Approach

Information on household chemicals.

Toxic Chemicals and Home Performance

Biophysical chemist Arlene Blum talks with Corbett Lunsford and Grace (hosts of Home Diagnosis) to talk about the “Six Classes” of harmful chemicals.

Home Performance YouTube Channel

Over 500 educational videos on the science of homes.

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Healthy Air In the News

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The CDC and ASHRAE have updated their HVAC recommendations for providing healthy air to your buildings. Use these recommendations and align them with your knowledge and expertise to make the air inside your buildings healthy and safe.


New York Times –


The New York Times article can be summed up neatly in this quote: “Everybody is inundated right now with the shiny new solutions that are being sold to them,” Dr. Joseph Allen said. “And the reality is, it’s a time for the basics.” While there are many solutions available to homeowners today, the simple solutions will work to turn any building into a healthy building with a few smart changes. Please check out our Healthy Air System page for more information on solutions available from Aprilaire that are designed to provide simple and effective virus protection


New York Times –


While many cities are implementing hourly cleanings for high-touch surfaces, very few are focusing on upgrading their HVAC equipment to mitigate the spread of the airborne virus. Make sure your team is aware of the tools provided by Aprilaire Partners to sell to homeowners including healthy humidity, fresh air ventilation, and air filtration.




A business owner understood the importance of reaching to air quality experts like you. After implementing the recommendations provided, she was able to prevent an outbreak from occurring. Make sure to consult with homeowners on how they can create a safe space inside their homes. For more information on Healthy Air solutions and tools, access our webinars and selling tools.






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The Aprilaire Dehumidifier Selection Assistant

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Here at Aprilaire, we are all about trying to make your life easier! Contractors are busy – especially this year with customers paying more attention to their homes’ indoor air quality. We started thinking about ways we could increase our support during your service calls. One idea that came to mind was to create something that makes it easier for you to choose the right dehumidifier for the job. 
Thus, the Aprilaire Dehumidifier Selection Assistant was born! This handy new online tool will help you and your customers work together to select the best dehumidification solution for their unique space.  

Choose the Right Dehumidifier

The Dehumidifier Selection Assistant begins by taking a look at coverage. What type of space are you working with? Whole-home? Basement? Crawlspace? The next step is to gather information about the home: location, desired relative humidity level, and more. Based on this information, the Dehumidifier Selection Assistant calculates a specific moisture load for the environment and provides information (number of units, unit capacity, and utilization) about the recommended dehumidifier models. The final step includes recording contractor and customer information on an online form that can then be easily viewed, printed, or e-mailed.  

Accessing the Tool

You can find the Dehumidifier Selection Assistant on If you are logged in, you will find it located under ‘Sizing Guides’. If you are not logged in, simply click on ‘Products’ from the main menu and choose ‘Dehumidifiers’. Then click on ‘Dehumidifier Calculator’ to access the selection assistant. So check it out. We hope this makes it that much easier for you to match your customers with a perfect humidity control solution!


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Healthy Air In The News – March 2021

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Healthy Air In The News is a collection of recently published articles and resources that we’ve found for you to share with your co-workers and customers. Help spread the message about what everyone can do to create Healthy Air!

MIT – COVID-19 Indoor Safety Guideline

This interesting new app from MIT researchers calculates safe occupancy levels and periods of exposure for indoor environments with the goal of limiting COVID-19 transmission. Taking into account room specifications, number of occupants and human behavior (e.g. speaking, exercising, use of a mask, etc.) the app provides a general safety guideline for people to follow. A great interactive tool you can share with customers anytime, but especially when promoting Effective Virus Protection with Aprilaire’s Healthy Air System!

Business Insider – Using a humidifier in your home this winter could lower the risk of coronavirus transmission and give your immune system a leg up

A great article from Business Insider provides insight into how humidity and temperature impact the spread of coronavirus along with why proper humidification is especially important during the winter. It also includes a conversation about how an indoor relative humidity range of 40-60% *provides an overall benefit to our immune systems. While the benefits of using a humidifier are highlighted, readers are also reminded that virus spread prevention is a multi-faceted approach. One that includes overall air quality control (e.g. ventilation, air filtration, etc.), proper hygiene, and mask use.

AARP – How To Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

A great resource to share with your customers, How To Improve Your Indoor Air Quality provides some great tips for homeowners to get them thinking about proper ventilation, air purification, radon, and mold/mildew prevention. This doesn’t just include the HVAC strategies that you, as contractors, know and promote so well. The article also talks about developing good habits like using ceiling fans and cleaning cooking vents on a regular basis to promote good ventilation.

*Aprilaire, in concordance with ASHRAE, recommends keeping indoor humidity levels between 30-60% to minimize virus survival rates.